Google is launching an Internet security campaign on Safer Internet Day


New Delhi: To increase awareness of Internet security and to reinforce its efforts to protect Internet users, Google India announced on Tuesday a new comprehensive publicity campaign called #PehleSafety.

"We believe that education is a critical aspect of online security. Over the past year, we have launched an extensive campaign to educate our users about online security and what they can do to improve their Internet experience make safe, "said Saikat Mitra, director, trust and safety, Google India, said in a statement.

"We worked with the best YouTube influencers to make online security known and introduced powerful, step-by-step tools like security checking and password checking to help you improve your Google account security and fix problems in minutes Hundreds of millions of users go through the security check every year. "

The Internet giant's bespoke infrastructure protects its data centers and servers, while advanced layers of encryption ensure the protection of user data in Chrome and Gmail.

Google also looks for risks and automatically prevents a variety of security threats from ever affecting users.

"The security of our users remains our top priority and we strive to protect our users, products and everything that makes the Internet so valuable," added Mitra.

The company says Gmail’s automatic spam and phishing filters block 99.9 percent of suspicious or dangerous email before it reaches users.