Google Keyword Planner Tutorial NEW interface – Google AdWords 2019 Keyword Tool Tutorial


See our NEW Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tutorial. This is an updated Google Ads Keyword Planner Tutorial interface for 2018. Keyword research for pay per click advertising (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) can be difficult, but the Planner Google AdWords keywords is the best tool available. The Google AdWords Keyword Tool allows you to search for keywords or enter landing pages to extract keywords from your website. You will get a list with hundreds or even thousands of relevant keywords for your business.

Surfside PPC Google Keyword Planner Article:

When business owners ask "How can I find keywords for my business?" or "How can I find what people write to find my products?" The Google keyword tool will give you all the answers.

In addition to seeing the keyword search volume, you will also see general competition in Google AdWords, search volume trends, low bid ranges, high bid ranges, average bids, organic average position, and ad impression share. You will also receive notifications that show if the keywords are already in your account or in your current plan.


First, you will need a Google Ads account. You can log in and create your Ads account with your current Gmail email or any Google account you own. Once you sign in to your Ads account, go to the summary page or campaign page. Next, you want to click on the tool icon in the upper right corner, search for planning and then open the Keyword Planner.

You will have the option to search for new keywords or search for forecasts and estimates based on an existing keyword list. In this tutorial, we enter a URL and a keyword to show you how to find keywords for your ad account. You can check all kinds of data for your main keywords.

Orientation Settings:

You can get forecasts for any location, language and more you are targeting. Whether you have a hotel in Hawaii or a coffee shop in London, you can see updated estimates for those places. When you enter your keyword search, you can choose to change the location or language settings.

The geographical location it points to is vital. You can choose between different countries, territories, regions, main markets, cities, states, postal codes and more. The language to which it is addressed is based on the language settings of the clients in Google. You can choose from a wide variety of languages. Last but not least, you can choose to go to Google or Google and the Search Partners. Search Partners include any search engine powered by Google, such as, or any of its other partners.

Date Settings:

You can adjust the dates to know the search volume regardless of the time of year. In case you want forecasts for different months, different quarters or more, you can customize anything. Search volume may vary by industry at different times of the year. He generally sees the holiday season as a popular time of year for consumer products.

Keyword Settings:

When you search and create your keyword plan, you have a wide variety of options. First, you can create separate ad groups for your keywords and choose the keyword match types. When you are creating your campaign, you can customize everything so that all you need to do is create ads and launch your campaign.