Google Maps is now compatible with CarPlay – A Peek into the Android and iOS World


Ever since Google Maps became compatible with Apple’s CarPlay, accessing it from your iPhone through the car’s built-in display has made things a lot simpler for the Apple users. The CarPlay navigation system enables users to track routes, play music, make phone calls and also read messages while you’re traveling. The article will hence focus on a detailed overview of how you can use Google Maps with CarPlay, what is the best possible source to replace Apple Maps with Google Maps, and how businesses can bring revolutionary changes using Android and iOS platforms keeping CarPlay and Google Maps like tools in mind.  

What do you need to do to Access Google Maps on CarPlay?

If your iPhone’s running on version iOS 12 or more, all you need to do is update Google Maps on it from the App Store, check for the weather your car is CarPlay enabled and get started using it instantly. Let’s see how is it used?

  • The foremost step to do is to integrate your iPhones with the CarPlay enabled car.
  • For this, you may have to go to the “general” option in the “settings” and select the CarPlay option to connect your phones instantly.
  • Once you locate the “Google Maps” in the CarPlay, click on it and hold the icon to drag it to the main screen to access the app easily.

Also, if your vehicle isn’t CarPlay enabled we must ensure to make it compatible by using devices like the stereos or Car Play readers and have it configured efficiently.  

Do you get a Smooth Google Maps Navigation with iPhones?

Let’s explain it this way!

Although the Google Maps service is now made compatible with CarPlay platform, it shares its own set of challenges as well. With Apple Maps being a default tool in iPhones, SIRI follows App Maps only. This means if you’re traveling and wish to navigate routes using iPhones, you will have to do it manually on your CarPlay to access Google Maps as iPhone will display App Maps as a default tool on the interface. Therefore, to replace Apple Maps with Google Maps on CarPlay, we will have to launch Google Maps instead to make it more prominent than Apple Maps on the CarPlay interface. However, there may be changes to this pattern in the future but as of now, this is how CarPlay works for Google and Apple Map tools.  

Features of Navigation Systems

  • Search destinations within a fraction of seconds.
  • Routing and re-routing feature made simple.
  • Better connectivity to the cloud space.
  • Integration of contact list to make it accessible as soon as your Android phone or iPhone gets connected to the vehicle.  

Get your Navigation System Compatible to CarPlay with Expert help

Apart from social media and messaging, navigation apps have been the most extensively used tools currently. While most of the users are inclined to download Google Maps for navigation purposes, there is an equal number of them using Apple Maps as well. However, when it comes to businesses running their independent navigation systems, they need to work out ways for creating a feature-rich and affordable navigation system that is compatible with CarPlay and prosper gradually to make it accessible to more customers.

How Businesses Can Build Strong Android and iOS Compatible Apps? 

If your business model is about running a navigation app and you long to make it work with Apple’s CarPlay, here’s what our team of experts would offer you:

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