Google Pixel Phones can achieve a longer battery life if the Ultra Low Power mode lands on Android

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The Ultra Low Power mode feature may be available on Pixel devices with one of the beta versions of Android 11.

Google Pixel Phones can achieve a longer battery life if the Ultra Low Power mode lands on Android
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Google Pixel users may soon be able to look forward to an even longer battery life for their cell phones. That is, when the rumored ultra-low power mode becomes a reality. Google is expected to launch a new “ultra low power mode” for Android sometime this year, possibly with the final release of Android 11 in H2 2020. According to 9to5Google, the ultra low power mode feature can be used on pixel Devices with one of the following modes will land: Android 11 beta versions in the near future. A discovered code change has led to speculation that this function is part of the Pixel 5 smartphone. The final release of Android 11 and the fifth generation of pixel phones is expected later this year.

In a tweet, Mishaal Rahman of the XDA developers suggested that “the feature saves more power than the current energy saving mode (battery saving mode) because the device's user experience is restricted, probably by restricting the apps you have access to. There is a similar function in many OEM skins. “So far, Google has not officially confirmed what the function is and whether it is expected to be part of the Android operating system soon. In the meantime, the battery saver mode currently available on Pixel devices is changing some things to save the battery. If you switch to this mode, the subject of the phone switches to dark mode. Apps cannot run in the background. When the phone's screen is turned off, the battery charge and location of the apps are not shared.

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