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Google booth CES 2020

Google booth CES 2020

James Martin / CNET

This story is part of CES 2020, our complete coverage of the showroom and the latest technical equipment.

Google brought back its huge booth and signature slide CES this year along with updates for smart home users. Last year, Works with Nest was converted to Works with Google Assistant, but there were a few innovations did not go smoothly, Some users have had account issues and integrations where the connection was not made properly.

Now Google is announcing an update for the Home app that will make it easier to connect third-party products. Suppose you set up a new device in the corresponding app on the device. You will receive a push notification from the home app that will allow you to automatically enter the required information into your Google Assistant smart home. That means you don't have to sign in to an account that often to access and set up the device in the Home app. Google will do it for you.

Google booth CES 2020

Google's CES experience includes a slide and a ball pit.

James Martin / CNET

This update is just one in a list by New properties This included voice commands for planning intelligent devices with phrases such as "Hey, Google, start the coffee machine at 6 in the morning." and a digital sticky note design to leave notes on smart displays. Show off with Google 500 million users per month, simple integration and account details are more in demand than ever.

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