Greg Bird incorporates "confusing" Yankees lessons into the Rangers' opportunity


Greg Bird sounds happy that his next chance is here.

Bird found a home with the Rangers with a minor league deal after sneaking his free hand after a disappointing Yankees stint that started with him as a top prospect.

"American League, good opportunity, good team," Bird told the Fort Worth Star Telegram. “A team that has the chance to compete and win. I want to participate in this.

“Everything happened somehow. I've never been through that. I didn't even know about it [the Rangers] at the beginning. We didn't talk about it at all. But in the off-season pieces fall, guys go here and there, this has presented itself and it was good. "

27-year-old Bird missed most of last season with plantar fascitis, one of many injuries that affected his time in the Bronx. In the 10 games he played, Bird scored a home run and six RBIs .171. The Rangers represent an opportunity for a legitimate season if Bird can prove healthy and capable this spring.

Greg Bird
Greg BirdPaul J. Bereswill

Ronald Guzman is currently the first baseman for Texas, although the newspaper describes his influence on the position as "poor".

"That's life," said Bird, whom the Yankees had designated for use in November. "I think it was a good learning experience. Sometimes confusing. But that's how it works. You have to deal with it, get up and focus on what you have to do that day. It teaches you this way of thinking. Never too high, never too low. I have to keep going and keep working. "