Grizzlies & # 39; Yes Morant Tears & # 39; cold & # 39; Madison Square Garden showers

<pre><pre>Grizzlies & # 39; Yes Morant Tears & # 39; cold & # 39; Madison Square Garden showers

You can add faulty showers at Madison Square Garden to the list of catastrophic events that occurred during the Knicks' ugly defeat against the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday evening between 127 and 106.

After the game, Grizzlies star guard Ja Morant complained that he had to take a cold shower without water pressure.

"It's a mystery to me," Morant told reporters after the game. "I took a cold shower before, but at least I had water pressure.

"(I will) go to the hotel and take another shower."

The Knicks ended up fixing the showers – after complaints were filed, according to ForbesSports.

This happened shortly after a catastrophic night for the Knicks, in which Elfrid Payton, Marcus Morris and Jae Crowder were cast into a curse in the last few seconds. The problems started after Crowder stole at 48 seconds and went to the right corner to shoot a 3-pointer. Payton pushed him and cleared both banks. While the unsportsmanlike scene was playing, the angry Garden fans sang "Sell the Team" for about 20 seconds when owner James Dolan left his seat.

To make matters worse, Morris had to apologize for an insensitive comment he'd used to rip Jae Crowder for what many thought was his Bush League action.

“I think age is easy, it plays the game in a different way. Lots of female tendencies on the pitch, ”said Morris. "Flop, throw your head back, all through the game. It's a game for men and at the end of the day you just get tired. "

Morris later tweeted an apology.

"I apologize for the use of the term" female tendencies ". I have the greatest respect for women and everything that they mean to us," he tweeted. "It was a" heat of the moment "response and I never intended a woman to feel like I didn't respect her anyway. I apologize for my comments."