Gucci bares all at Milan fashion week 2020

Gucci bares all at Milan fashion week 2020

Gucci withdrew the curtain of the preparations behind the scenes for its fashion show in Milan 2020, starting the line of luxury runways in Italy in a unique way.

Fashion devotees appeared waiting for innovation, and an experience. After all, the invitation of the program came through WhatsApp, was followed by the hashtag #GucciTheRitual and, later still, punctuated by a photo of designer Alessandro Michele in his car on the way to the event.

When the spectators entered the Gucci Hub, they encountered a particular type of backstage. Instead of the usual approach in the editorial and the celebrity who is who in the room (initially, anyway), the pre-show models sitting pretty and with hair and makeup attracted attention. Innovation and immersion? Check.

The assistants stayed watching how mascara was made to run perfectly through the smooth cheeks like stone. Hair was blown, combed and elegantly tangled in place before finishing with shiny ribbons and clips. The continuous construction of energy and anticipation were palpable.

While the makeup artists and stylists concluded their contribution to the carefully choreographed performance, the models went to a circular stage and the lights went out.

Finally, the curtain fell to reveal the magic behind the assembly of the final looks. The robes opened, the sideboards set to work and, while the audience watched, the voyeurs now backed away from the most elegant set, Michele moved among the models.

Once the appearance of each model was completed, they took their place at the edge of the stage in front of the audience, whose view was constantly changing when the carousel turned. Gucci's distinctive vintage-inspired look was, of course, the center of attention, with an eye-catching urban style and luxurious Halloween costumes. Sailor appearance, Victorian dresses, slavery accessories and pilgrim elegance were present.

There were murmurs of Fellini throughout the film production. In fact, Gucci's cinematic exhibition elements were as impressive as fashion.