Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson in a "dilemma" over Super Bowl selection


Long-time Fox analyst Jimmy Johnson was recently elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and is a three-time Super Bowl champion. As Andrew Marchand tells from the post.

MIAMI – Pat Mahomes is like no one I have ever seen before. He's better than anyone else I've ever seen. He is the most talented quarterback I have ever seen.

Comparing guys is not my specialty, but I don't even know who is number 2. Mahomes is special.

When I watch games and think about who's going to win – the Super Bowl or any other game – the first thing I say is: who has the best defense? So you would say the 49ers.

The next thing I look at: who has the best quarterback? Jimmy Garoppolo is talented, but there is no doubt that Kansas City has someone different. I think Mahomes is so good that he could override the 49er defense.

So who do I like? I am in a dilemma.

Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy JohnsonAP

It's hard to go against Mahomes. It is so good. He is so talented, even if he makes a few mistakes, he could be good enough to overcome them.

He is mobile. He has a great arm. He is smart. He makes good decisions. Tell me something that doesn't make it great?

The most important thing when trying to stop Mahomes is to put pressure on him and make sure he can't crawl around and play the big game. Do not give him time to throw the ball across the field.

Kansas City is as open as any offense in the league. They like to go deep. San Francisco will try to take that away.

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Of course, there is a way to negate Mahomes a bit, and the 49's offense can help stop him. The Niners have a great running game, so they can keep Mahomes off the field and eat up the clock to give him as few options as possible.

Remember, the guy on the other side is not a fool. Garoppolo is an excellent quarterback in a good system and has a great cast. He didn't do much in the playoffs because the 49ers didn't need him to win games. But he has great talent and I have confidence in him.

The 49er defense is better, but the Kansas City defense has worked extremely well in the past month.

It's been a long two weeks to the Super Bowl. For me as a coach in the Super Bowl, I spent most of my preparation in the two weeks. When it was time to play, I didn't have to say much to the players other than, "Let's get on the field and win the game."

There's nothing like winning the Super Bowl. It's a team thing and that's what I was about. Going to the Hall of Fame is a one-off award and I never really paid much attention to one-off awards. But after 40 years of coaching, it's nice to be recognized. Still, winning a Super Bowl is special because it's a team effort.

As for my prediction, I told you I'm going back and forth. For this you have to prepare yourself for "Fox NFL Sunday".

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