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Handheld auto-feeding screwdriver machine for screw tightening fastening locking


Handheld Pneumatic Screwdriver Automatic Screw Locking Machine With Feeding System

The machine is versatie and universal. The screw is sent to the screwlock head by air blowing. Just press the electric screwdriver bit to the unlocked position and gently press down to complete the lock task. It helps eliminating the repeated actions such as manual self-pickup the screws. At the same time, you can free up your hand to hold the product. It increased the working efficiency and save time as well as labor cost.


Machine Features
1. Convenient, when using this handhelp screwlocking machine, you can free one of your hands to hold the product instead of holding the screws in old days. If the prodcut is small, you evev don't need to make a jig holder, just put on the table or flat platform to to the screw locking.

2.  Bad screws sorting, the machine uses turbo feeding method with less noise. People won't touch the screws directly. The feeding process is stable and fast and can discover the bad screws in mass quantity. If the feeder founds one bad screw, the alarm will ring with buzzers automatically.

3. Stable and screw won't get stuck. During the locking process, normally when a screw is finishing locking, a new screw will be automatically transported to the screwdriver lock mouth. If the torque is not enough, the screw will not be transported, then you will know and do the problem check. It 's safe from screw stucking problem.  
4. Clean. Because the worker doesn't need to pick the screws by hand, all waiting screws for locking will be non-contact and stay clean. It won't get rust due to contamination.
5. High efficiency. The worker don't need to pick the screws, do more movements to lock screws. So he can save more time to hold the screwdriver and lock more pieces. He only needs to find the correct screw holes and lock the screw in just one second. It's a half-automatic method for saving labor cost and increasing productivity.

6. Durable. The machine can be used for many years. The key structure and parts are from high quality stainless steel alumminium materials with special heat treatment. All pneumatic parts, screwdrivers, locks are brand new.

Manufacturing Technique
Machine Dimension
Machine Net Weight
13 kg
Working Power
AC 220V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
Usage Environment
-20℃ -40 ℃
Working air pressure
2--3KGF / cm⊃2;
Transport distance
1-4 meters
Max feeding bin capacity
3000 pcs (according to size )
Screwdriver bit type
Std KILEWS or customized
Screw head model
Cross, PH, Cross, Star drive, Triangle, Hex,etc.
Suitable industry
Universal, almost suitable for all industries
Equipment compatible
Tolerance 0.5 mm, Length 5 mm
Screw models
M1, M2, M3, M4, M5 , M6
Screw teeth diameter
1.2,  1.4,  1.7,  2.0,  2.3,  2.6,  2.8,  3.0,  3.5,  4.0,  5.0
Max screw length
25 mm
Max screw head diameter
5 mm
Locking speed
Max 60 pcs / minute, 1 screw in one second
Packing list
1 x screw driver bit with lock,  1 x Host with screwfeeder

Various screwdrivers will be customized built according to your screws and work pieces.  

Each machine will be tested and quality checked by QA before shipment.

Machine categories examples: digital assembly screw locking machine; electronic screw tightening machine; small appliances production screw fixing line screwdriving machine; power switches screw fastening screwdriving set, for lamps, LEDs, toys. etc.


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