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Handheld Automatic Screw Locking Machine

Handheld automatic screw feeding system for Automatic assembly

A screwing machine may only be used with a single size of screw. Mainly examine the width of the screw cap, the identical size of the screw cap may be shared. Length, material, type, etc. have very little influence on the screw. The complete length of the screw is less than 30mm, and the complete length is 1.3 times larger than the width of the nut. The assortment of the nut diameter between 2.3 and 9.2 mm can be obtained.

Handheld automatic screw feeding machine Features:

1. Small screwdriver, It's won't block employees operating vision.

2. Don't use the vibration plate, and so the screw without vibration won't rub off.

3. Below 50 decibel sound.

4. Light screwdriver, the employees will not feel heavy in performance.

5. With intelligent alarm function (acousto-optic remind and with counting function can support you statistical capacity.

6. The weight is just about 9 kg, transportation is extremely convenient.

7. Ergonomic manage construction, prevent slippery,decent tactility.

7. Quickly, since it's completely eliminate hand, scraping twist, motion, screw on the screwdriver, no waiting period, simply to be on the screw holes place lock screw.

9. Convenient, the screw can make when a hand to keep lock products, so can save yourself a little product positioning fixture.

10. Cleanly, because of save his hands to take the twist, will not cause the hands of stains on the item when you pick up the screw secondary contamination and hand perspiration stains screws to make it easier to rust.

Handheld automatic Screwing Machine with screw feeder, Portable Automatic Screwing Machine

Automatic screw feeder

1. Screwdriver COUPLE for telescope screw feeding

2. Vertical handheld electric screwdriver

3. No demand of air compressor CBD-618 motor drive drop-in type (You'd better send RobotDigg email to sales@robotdigg.com to confirm your screw is appropriate prior to purchasing, thanks)

Hand-held Automatic Screw Locking Machine Features:

1. Automatic screw columns, feeding, automated screening of special-shaped screws, automated supply air feed. 

2. The efficacy of around 60 particles per minute, can be unlocked as quickly as.

3. Don't hand take screw, screw automated feeding, the liberation of the flip side, products and take

4. Electric group sets of lightweight, torque adjustment is precise and convenient, make sure that the locking quality.

5. Powerful universality, handheld screwdrivers, flexible operation, program of fixed-point surgeries.

6. Single hand locking operation, simple piezoelectric batch can finish the locking screw operation.

7. Compact, transmission distance is 4 meters, the machine can be set in working on point, save space.

8. Safety without noise.

9. Liquid crystal display, counting, alarm function.

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