Health VS Fitness – Is there a difference?

Health VS Fitness

Every day I’m bombarded with questions about health and fitness from clients and customers. They are often confused about why their PT says that they should eat a high protein diet, yet their Homeopath recommends eating a plant based diet.

So in this article you’ll discover what really defines health & fitness, and if you’re on the right path for your goals. Plus if you’re looking to lose a few extra pounds, I’ll reveal the right direction to go to drop your weight fast.

How the industry got this way?

Back in the 60’s when the Bodybuilding scene started to grow and take popularity, the athletes at the time found that eating high-protein helped them build muscle. This was the perfect for their solution as they were looking to grow and get as large as humanly possible.

However over the years this same wisdom has slowly sunk into traditional dieting, and has been picked up by personal trainers, who in turn preached it as health advice.

I’m Not Saying Protein Is Bad

Please don’t get me wrong, I am by no means saying that protein is bad for you (although there are growing amounts of studies that indicate it is). But rather helping preface the difference between health and fitness.

Where The Fitness Industry Came From

The fitness industry as we see it today, compromising of multimillion dollar gyms, cross fit, and personal trainers evolutionist from the early body builders of the 60’s, bringing much of their wisdom along with them.

And this works well, because at its core fitness is the practise of getting your body fitter and stronger so that you can carry out more physically taxing activities.

In order to acheive these goals a high protein, low carb diet is essential.

So Where Does Health Fit In?

Health is dramatically different to fitness. At its core, health is about creating the ideal environment for our body’s cells to live in. To create a pH balanced blood stream where cells don’t mutate via polymorphism and turn into cancer and other types of cells.

In order to achieve this pH balanced blood stream, you need to eat a 80% Alkaline diet full of fresh vegetables, alkaline grains, nuts and seeds and healthy snacks.

You can create meals such as Zoodles which are great as a healthier alternative to your favorite pasta’s, so you don’t need to give up the foods you love in order to be healthy.

Which Is Better For You?

This is honestly a personal preference and one that is very hard to decide on.

Eating healthy in the Alkaline sense requires a lot of effort and preparation. As a result your body will purge toxic waste and help you lose weight. Plus you’ll find yourself more energized and happier overall.

On the flip side, you’re body won’t ever be as toned or lean as if you are eating for fitness. So if you have an ideal body in line which is either muscular or lean, then eat for fitness instead.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this. If you’re after energy, vitality and longevity, choose a healthy alkaline lifestyle. However if you have a body image that you’d like to achieve, and you are passionate about being able to perform in a certain way, then fitness is the path for you.

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