Healthy Brandon Nimmo is ready to get involved with Mets in 2020


PORT ST. LUCIE – Despite all rumors, the Mets have never considered trading Brandon Nimmo this off-season, sources told the post. He is too valuable to them as a midfielder.

They were too excited about the numbers he put up in September when Nimmo kicked his leg after a neck injury.

Listen to Mets coach Chili Davis meet.

"My question to him was:" Are you of the same attitude as at the end of last year? Davis said to the Post on Friday in Mets' pre-camp. "It wasn't even the numbers he put up at the end of the year, it was his approach and his movement in the batter box was so nice, so I wanted to make sure he did it didn't change because it worked and that's what I want to see him perfectly. & # 39; & # 39;

Nimmo, who will turn 27 next month, will go into spring training with this kick and will be in a better mental and physical place as his neck injury has stabilized. Nimmo posted an OPS of 0.995 last month.

Nimmo has two bulging disks that limited him to 69 games last season.

“The greatest thing for me is health once I walk against that wall [in mid April] The season has really changed for me, "he said." We finally tried to play it through and it didn't work and I had to take some time out. The opportunity to produce in September showed that I am who I was [before the injury], ''

Better actually. Nimmo is sure that he can avoid further neck problems.

Brandon Nimmo Neck Injury Mets Spring Training
Brandon Nimmo at the Mets training facility.Anthony J. Causi

"In the end it was two domed targets, but hey, everyone runs around with two domed targets," said Nimmo, perhaps the most positive and optimistic player in the big leagues. “Based on what I understood from the injury, most people simply have these things throughout their lives, but unfortunately part of my job description was that looking back, I had to walk this route as quickly as possible. When I go through normal life it doesn't bother me too much, but you have to try to shoot it 100 percent of the time, plus all the swings, everything adds up.

"There are a couple of things I need to do to keep that in check. It is something that I will have for the rest of my life. I just have to do the rehab, the strengthening, the mobility exercises, but when I came back in September and was able to have this September, I really proved that I could. "

Davis said, "I liked where he finished, and I want him to take it right there."

Nimmo moved here this off-season and is before his last year, when he spent most of his time in New York.

"His return to the game was incredible," General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen told The Post. "We all saw what he did in 2018 and the first five months of last year were physically and emotionally challenging for him, but when he came back in September his athleticism was better than ever and he was explosive and had it biggest challenge same disc discipline. & # 39; & # 39;

Around 20 minutes, Nimmo's foreplay routine was added to prepare his neck. Another key, Nimmo added with a smile, is to stay away from walls.

"That one catch was great for me, but it would have been better to play for three months," he said. "I will still play as hard as I can, but it will also be played smart and hard."

Nimmo has a story with the new manager Luis Rojas, who played for him on three different levels in the minor league.

"He was my first manager in 2011," said Nimmo. “Luis asked me to do two things: play hard and limit mental errors. Think through the game. This is pretty much what he wants every guy to do. We love to play for him. It's nice to have a story. This is often overlooked these days, but it is so important to know what to expect from each other. "

Could be a pioneer.