Help! Renting a vehicle through Europcar drove me crazy!



When we asked reader stories about travel disasters for the first time, we immediately received four individual emails about Europcar, the car rental company operating in 140 countries. Although anyone renting a car from a rental company on Earth could find themselves in the following situations, we believed that the strength of the numbers here could be valuable. That is why we packed the disasters as a quartet and sent them to Europcar for comment.

In addition to (largely) resolving the complaints, Europcar emailed the following statement: "Europcar Mobility Group thanks the New York Times for raising awareness of the various customer service issues. The company responded directly to all affected customers to answer their questions, taking into account where processes may need to be improved to achieve the best possible customer experience. "

After Europcar arrived in Calgary for the annual Calgary Stampede, we were kidnapped for not meeting our rental car reservation. There was only one car left on the entire square in Avis, and soon we were driving Off in A red Mustang convertible that cost $ 2,000 more than the car we reserved. Can't I refund the difference because Europcar doesn't keep my reservation? Ethan

As a “Seinfeld” fan, I was delighted to send Europcar an email: “Why did Europcar take the reservation but didn't actually keep the reservation? Isn't that the point of making a reservation? "

When I picked up my Europcar rental car at Puerto Vallarta Airport in March, the agent forced me to take out $ 236.68 insurance before handing over the keys, even though my American Express card already offers comprehensive insurance. I brought him proof, but he held his own. I had no luck getting the money back. Keith

You are right: All American Express cards are equipped with rental car loss and damage insurance as well as additional insurance to cover collision damage in the event of car damage or theft worldwide in most countries, including Mexico.

You have also rightly assumed that Amex C.D.W. Insurance coverage only begins when cardholders reject the insurance offered by the rental car company: exactly what you tried.

You also rightly provided proof of coverage, as Amex is a multi-billion Dollar, multEuropcar is an international brand that is as well known as McDonalds. Physical documentation by C.D.W. Coverage, beyond the card itself. (You can get a letter of coverage on site by calling the phone number on the back of the credit card.)

Either the Puerto Vallarta agent was trying to find a quick one, or he was really confused about the guidelines. Regardless, Europcar has issued a refund for the additional insurance.

My wife and I rented a vehicle through Europcar for a one-month trip through South America. The Priceline lease was $ 3,312. However, I believe that Europcar used an excessive exchange rate instead of the rate at the time of the credit card transaction to convert the agreed US currency. Price in Chilean pesos. I ended up with a bill that was $ 194 higher. Barry

As the currency exchange rates vary daily, Europcar Chile sets a fixed rate based on the exchange rate on the first day of the month plus 2 percent to take account of exchange rate fluctuations during the month. This is generally the industry standard. I confirm that you may not have had full internet access Terms and conditions If you booked through a third-party website, Europcar refunded your $ 194.

Our tire burst shortly after we picked up a BMW from Europcar in Rome. We were told that the breakdown service costs would be 300 euros plus the tire price. Alternatively, I could exchange the car at the closest Europcar station, about 25 km north. But with a flat tire? Our Airbnb host helped us buy and install a new tire, but I lost $ 96 in the process. Chris

Europcar confirms that its A 24-hour breakdown service for a flat tire should have been free of charge, and that "it is not company policy to ask a customer to drive with a flat tire." (Amen to that) To clarify what he has Europcar has reimbursed you the cost of the replacement tire. We hope that your next trip to Rome will not be so … a Roman holiday.

The October 27th issue of Tripped UpA woman who tried unsuccessfully to travel abroad with a passport that was valid for four months met with a wide range of reactions from Times readers. Kate R. summed it up: "Wouldn't it be easier if the powers that put this information on their websites instead of guessing made life easier?" This is a problem with many government websites. "I Agree!

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