Here are the key moments of the seventh democratic debate

<pre><pre>Here are the key moments of the seventh democratic debate

Tom Steyer (LR), Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, and Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)) await the start of the democratic presidential debate at Drake University on January 14, 2020 in Des Moines, Iowa.

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Six Democratic presidential candidates were on stage for the last time on Tuesday before nomination competitions began, and tensions arose in a field that resisted the attacks for much of the main race.

The rivals in the debate – former Vice President Joe Biden, Sens.Bernie Sanders from Vermont, Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts and Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota, former South Bend from Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and billionaire Tom Steyer – spent two hours Drake University in the final debate before the First-in-the-Nation Iowa Caucuses.

Biden continues to lead national polls, but polls in the state of Hawkeye have shown that four candidates have the chance to win the most delegates on February 3. The competitors used their last chance to distance themselves from their competitors.

The debate took place between the two chambers of Congress when a lawsuit against President Donald Trump is scheduled for impeachment next week.

At the same time, pressure in the Middle East increased after the Iranians outlawed the United States' murder of Colonel General Qasem Soleimani. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced new sanctions against Iranian metal exports and eight senior Iranian officials last week.

Here are the highlights of the night.

Iran is at the center of the debate opening

Democratic President's hopes Former Vice President Joe Biden (L) and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders are taking part in the seventh key democratic debate in the 2020 presidential campaign, hosted by CNN and the Des Moines Register on the Drake University campus in Des Moines , Iowa, is being held jointly January 14, 2020.

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The contenders first asked themselves about their qualifications to deal with the emerging war specter in the Middle East after Iranian general Qasem Soleimani was murdered in the US earlier this month. The candidates have tried to use their foreign policy records to get support in the face of the heightened focus on Iran.

Sanders defended his decision as a member of the House of Representatives to vote for a military permit in Afghanistan and tried again to separate his Iraq record from Bidens.

"I went down and did everything I could to prevent this war. Joe saw it differently," he said.

Klobuchar, asked if she would remove forces from the Middle East, said she would "leave some troops there". Meanwhile, Warren claimed that "we have to get our combat troops out". An Afghan veteran Buttigieg criticized the president for sending more troops to the region.

On the same question, Biden said he would leave Middle East troops if he became president, adding that "we are in a position to withdraw our forces" because the US has decided to kill Soleimani ,

"To be honest, I think [Trump] "The reason the president approved the strike is," said Biden.

"Otherwise do you like him?"

Former Vice President Joe Biden (L) responds when Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) makes a comment during the Democratic Presidential Debate at Drake University on January 14, 2020 in Des Moines, Iowa. Six field staff qualified for the first democratic presidential debate in 2020, hosted by CNN and the Des Moines Register.

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One of the biggest laughs of the night came from Sanders when Biden aimed to contrast his Trump foreign policy vision.

When asked if he would meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, the former vice president said he would not be without "preconditions". Trump held two summits with Kim when he asked Pyongyang to abandon his nuclear and missile programs – which, according to Biden, gave North Korea the "legitimacy" that was desired.

"I would not meet with the" Supreme Leader "who said," Joe Biden is a rabid dog, he should be beaten to death with a stick, "said Biden, citing a comment from the North Korean state news agency last year.

"Otherwise do you like him?" Sanders interjected about the ruler, whose regime stifled free speech and opposition and carried out executions. In response, laughter broke out.

"Apart from that, I like him, and after that he got a love letter from Trump," Biden replied.

Sanders and Warren compete against USMCA

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont, speaks during the seventh key democratic debate of the 2020 presidential campaign, hosted by CNN and the Des Moines Register on January 14, 2020, on the Drake University campus in Des Moines, Iowa.

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The advanced rivals Warren and Sanders fought for their trade policies.

While most Democrats who are trying to defeat President Donald Trump in 2020 have criticized his protectionist trade policy and trade war with China, both Warren and Sanders have said they are in some way ready to use tariffs.

And while Democrats and Republicans have advocated the US-Mexico Agreement (USMCA) as a beneficial update to the North American Free Trade Agreement, Warren and Sanders have been more critical of this.

Nevertheless, both of them worked out differences between their policies in the debate phase on Tuesday evening. Warren has announced that she will vote for the approval of the USMCA.

Sanders, who was asked about the Trump-brokered deal, said he would refuse to support the trilateral trade agreement, and noted the lack of support for the deal by environmental organizations.

"All major environmental organizations have said no to this new trade agreement because it doesn't even contain the term" climate change, "" he said.

However, Warren said that the USMCA would "provide some relief to US farmers and workers." "I think we accept this relief, we try to help people who need it, and we get up the next day and fight for a better trade deal."

Sanders replied that upgrading existing stores is not an easy task. "I believe that if this agreement is adopted, we will be taken back a few years," he said.

Warren fights her male rivals

Democratic President's hopefuls Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (L), former Vice President Joe Biden (C) and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders take part in the seventh primary democratic debate in the 2020 presidential campaign, that of CNN and the Des Moines Register at the Drake University campus is held in Des Moines, Iowa on January 14, 2020.

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The strength of female candidates was discussed after a day of controversy over Warren's claim that Sanders had communicated to her in a private meeting before announcing her offer to the White House that a woman could not win the presidency.

Sanders denied that he said it and referred to his recording and a video on YouTube as evidence.

Warren, on the other hand, pointed out that women on stage did better in elections than their male rivals.

"Everyone who knows me knows that it is incomprehensible that I think a woman cannot be the President of the United States," said Sanders.

Vermont's Senator, who claims to be a democratic socialist, added that he decided in 2015 to withhold his candidacy for president until Warren told him that she would not run in the 2016 election.

In response to Sanders, Warren turned away from her private conversation with Sanders and focused instead on the recordings of the women on the stage.

"Look at the men on this stage," said Warren. "Together they lost 10 elections. The only people on this stage who have won every single election they have participated in are women. Amy and I."

Warren and Sanders don't shake hands in the end

The alleged friendship between Sanders and Warren was tested as a hot campaign, especially after reports of whether Sanders told her that a woman could not win the White House. Sanders denied that he had said it.

Immediately after the debate, it seemed when Sanders tried to shake Warren's hand. As Steyer watched, she said nothing. Instead, Warren and Sanders seemed to be exchanging a few short words, although it was not clear what they were saying. Sanders turned away in annoyance.

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