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High Afficiency Electric Assembly Automatic Two-axis Screw Locking Machine


Two-axis automatic locking screw machine, this screw machine is a simple type, mainly for products with a longer size, and the actual effect of the product's length, width, and height on the screw lock must be considered when locking.


The jig of the product is designed according to the size of the workpiece and the way of locking. Generally speaking, it is relatively simple. Manually loading and unloading the material and locking one each, eliminating the time consumption of screw locking, you can lock two screws at the same time.


Blow-type screw feed, directly blow the screw into the electric batch nozzle, saving time and improving production efficiency. Compared with other multi-axis screw machines, this simple type only needs to change the jig when changing products, other requirements just meet the general needs.


1. Labor-saving: equipped with manipulator and turntable, feeding, testing, locking and unloading synchronous operations are automatically completed by the equipment. Several processes can be performed at the same time, which should be used in pipeline operations to reduce labor.

2. High efficiency: several electric batches work at the same time, can replace multiple workers; for example, install 2 electric batches, can lock 2 screws at a time, the number of electric batches can be customized according to customer requirements.

3. Low strength: reduce the labor intensity of workers. Traditional manual screw placement and alignment of screw heads require a lot of work time and effort.

4. Easy to operate: PCL intelligent circuit control, configuration touch screen, simple operation, employees only need to place the workpiece.

5. High precision: precise torque and easy adjustment to ensure the locking quality.

6. More efficient: Compared with the suction type, the blow-type screw is directly delivered to the batch nozzle. It saves the time of taking screws back and forth.


Machine G.W. About 80KG(according to customer products)
Overall Dimensions (H)1900* (L)800* (W)600mm(according to customer products)
Power Supply AC 220V, 50 Hz
Power 0.3 KW
Gas Consumption 15 m3 / hour
Rack Steel table, aluminum frame
Alarm Alarm lights flash and buzzers whistle
Universal Joint & Coupling Assembly Universal junction connection
Automatic Screw feeder Next to or under the machine
Quantity of Automatic Screw Feeder Configuration is based on the quantity of locking screws, a machine can send 2 screws
KILEWS Screwdriver Yes
Applicable Product Size Custom
Horizontal Adjustment Range Custom
Vertical Adjustment Range Custom
Depth of Screw Locking Custom
Minimum Screw Pitch 20mm, unlimited maximum hole spacing
Screw Slide Tooth Detection Yes
Screw Leak Lock Detection Yes
Screw Leakage Detection Yes
Handling of Lock Defects Alarm lights and buzzers
Lock Shaft Quantity 2-12 shaft is optional
Locking Rate 1-3 seconds/time (depending on screw length)
Torque Adjustment Each axis can be adjusted separately


Composition and design description of blowing type double-axis automatic locking screw machine

1. Structural composition: It is mainly composed of automatic screw conveying system, screw locking mechanism, electrical control system, etc.

2. Product replacement: The jig can be replaced directly, and the shaft position can be adjusted.

3. The time to lock a product is around 3S. (The length of the screw is slightly different).

4. The locking screw is the screw samples provided by customers, which allows the incoming material size tolerance to be ± 0.2mm.

5. The locking product is the sample provided by the customer.

6. Fixture: According to product design, accurate positioning, simple and convenient replacement are required.

7. The product shall not be damaged during the use of the equipment (such as product deformation, scratches, appearance damage, etc.).

8. Reliability and stability: Under the premise of qualified product quality, the equipment can work continuously and steadily every day, with low failure rate, and is suitable for large-scale production of single products.

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