"Hope" Oh My Kadavule "starts a Romcom trend in Tamil cinema": Ashok Selvan and Ritika Singh

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Watch the cast of Oh my Kadavule (OMK) – Ashok Selvan and Ritika Singh – interact with each other The HinduThe office is a study in organic chemistry. It's not a factually precise definition, but you get the idea.

And what is chemistry without equations?

Give it a try: We ask Ashok who he would most like to have his fanboy moment with, and he says, "Ritika Singh!" Before continuing: "Because she is incredible! Ayyowhat an actress and as a person … i love her. I'm a fan."

We just look at Ritika to see that it blushes and she says, "It's just him (Ashok). I'm really a fan of this guy. I love the way he wears himself. There are not many men like him who are confident enough in their masculinity not to be intimidated by someone like me. "

Ashok interrupts: "Yes, she intimidates many men … wherever she goes" before breaking out in a smile, while Ritika continues: "I do not praise myself, but I have a very strong personality. I feel like … tough and overwhelming before. A lot of men I know have been very insecure and made me feel like the wrong kind of girl. He (Ashok) is not like that. He makes you feel like you are good are enough the way you are. "

Excerpts from an interaction with the duo:

Ashok Selvan and Ritika Singh in a still from the film

Ashok Selvan and Ritika Singh in a still from the film "Oh My Kadavule"

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Ritika, you said you agreed to this OMC because you can wear a Christian wedding dress … Right?

Ritika Singh (RS): (laughs) … It was a joke.

Ashok Selvan (AS): Do not lie! (Laughs)

RS: No! That was also one of the big pluses. But mostly it was the fact that it is a romantic comedy. I always wanted to make a film that would make me a bit normal. (Ashok chuckles, Ritika notices and smiles back). In all of my other films I was a bit "Grr", so that's more normal. It's kind of a girl next door and then I assume that Vijay Sethupathi was an integral part of the film. I was sold.

HOW: Wait, so not for me? (makes a playful frown)

RS: (smiles) Ashok is … the main reason.

HOW: Now in the next interview she will say that it was a joke! (Laughs)

Vijay Sethupathi (L) with Ashok Selvan on the set of

Vijay Sethupathi (L) with Ashok Selvan on the set of "Oh My Kadavule"

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Why choose Vijay Sethupathi to play God?

HOW: The role required someone the audience would like to listen to. I mean, I'm a fan, just like her (points at Ritika) and my entire team is a big fan of Vijay Sethupathi. We like to see his interviews: His space of thought is very interesting, his way of looking at things and answering questions. We wanted someone who could project heat. Simply put, he has that aura.

Tell us about your character, ritika?

RS: My character's name is Anu. She and Arjun were best friends, but she has had these feelings towards him since she was young. She always knew, but he never noticed and one day he suddenly says, "I can't marry anyone I don't know." So I say, 'You have me. You've known me all your life Why don't we get married? "He has no reason to say" No "to me, and in the end we get married. I've always wanted to do things with him and …

Ashok Selvan and Vani Bhojan in a still image

Ashok Selvan and Vani Bhojan in a still from "Oh My Kadavule"

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HOW: OK wait! (and puts his hand over)

RS: This is just the trailer (she flaps his hand away and continues)

HOW: Okay, just keep a check (smiles)

RS: Yes, so … you saw it (trailer), right? He doesn't really respond well, and that's where the uncertainties begin. Anu is unsure and she is not sure what this guy is going to do …

HOW: (In a muffled tone) I'm so mysterious …

RS: Ptch! There is no secret (Ashok laughs). He's like an idiot in the movie.

HOW: Just the character …

RS: Yes, character. Not in real life. He is very mysterious, I have to say in real life … All the Scorpio!

HOW: (Rolls her eyes) … any conversation with her will result in sun signals … I'm warning you now! Everything you say leads to …

RS: (Asks the writer) When is your birthday?

HOW: I told you (laughs).

RS: (Laughs) … like I said, Anu is a normal girl and I enjoyed playing a character that is easier to understand. I am sure that many women would refer to them.

After a long time, Tamil cinema gave us a pure romcom (romantic comedy). Ashok, you know how this industry has become a habit of following a trend. Are you afraid that it will be similar with OMC?

HOW: I hope so OMC creates a trend because I am bored with horror and thriller films. Romcom films may currently look risky to producers. If OMC creates a pattern, then the (term) is broken, but I can only hope that more versatile films will come. Maybe the films that always work have a good script. If that becomes a trend, it's nice and not a trend based on the genre of the film.

It's complicated

  • A Romcom film Oh my Kadavule records the lives of Arjun (played by Ashok) and Anu (played by Ritika) – two best friends who choose to get married because Arjun doesn't want to get in touch with someone he “doesn't know” (read as: arranged marriage). But the problems start soon after the wedding, when Arjun tries to romanticize his best friend, and things get even more complicated than Meera (played by Vani Bhojan), a high school crush that crashes the party. Throw a god beat by Vijay Sethupathi into the mix and Oh my Kadavule promises to be a fun Valentine's Day watch.

Ritika, you talked about how pleasant it was to shoot for the film. Could you share any funny moments from the set?

RS: Every day was fun. He (Ashok) is always ashamed …

HOW: (With a confused look) … Sorry?!?

RS: Yes that is true! (Smiles)

HOW: (Nods in agreement) A bit true.

RS: To be honest, it's me too. (Looks at Ashok) Next, you can say it.

HOW: (Takes a deep breath) She is so calm and relaxed on the set. She is sooo normal (Ritika starts to laugh) … NOT! (both laugh). But she has that energy that has changed the film a lot. It was nice. All I can think about this film is happiness.

RS: Yes, I never felt tired. I was never … stressed out, even after working 24 hours. It felt like I was on vacation and working with my favorite people every day. I miss shooting. I want to go back to the set and shoot with these people again. I loved it so much.

After a long expected time

  • Produced by Ashok Selvan and Abinaya Selvam for Happy High Pictures and Dilli Babu for Axess Film Factory, Oh my Kadavule is the debut of filmmaker Ashwath Marimuthu. Ashok and Ashwath go far back when he was a candidate on the television show. Naalaiya Iyakkunar, “We made short films and one of them won the award for best film and best actor in the series. This is how all this trust came about, and we're basically friends. It was an unwritten agreement that one day we would make a film, ”says Ashok.

Given that the shooting is not going to happen again so quickly … what is the feeling like?

Ashok points to a soft "Oh no!" And shakes his head. He says in a muffled voice: "It will collapse" (laughs)

RS: (Smiles) There's this thing that I have in my head. I don't want to see the film because if so, then OMC will be over for me. The end. Point. I don't want this point to come. I don't want it to end, that's the feeling I have right now.

HOW: We all have that feeling. We all have a sense of ownership because we all got involved in the script.

RS: That is the best thing about him and his sister (Abinaya Selvam, co-producer). You have involved us all. They sent messages saying what was happening, as if the music was being composed, etc. Nobody does, and they also wrote my name on the film's poster. You (producers) never do that. It is always the name of the actor. I called Abinaya to tell her that it was very nice of her to put my name up there. I think this is my film and I really want it to go well.