How fantasy baseball designs can still be an escape from the corona virus


We swim in unknown waters. We live in a world without sports.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the NBA, NHL, MLS and other football leagues as well as NASCAR to suspend their season. There will be no March madness this year. The PGA canceled the Players Championship after the first round and all tournaments up to the Masters, which was also postponed.

The status of the Olympic Games remains in the air, and although the 146th round of the Kentucky Derby is scheduled for May 2, the organizers are monitoring the situation. Heck, even the XFL canceled the rest of their season (yes, they apparently still played).

Major League Baseball canceled the rest of the spring training and postponed the start of the season by at least two weeks.

These are serious and stressful times, but that’s why distractions are needed more than ever. We need something that we look forward to and that can make us smile. We need a sign of normalcy, something that assures us that everything will be fine. Maybe a little bit of imagination can help make reality brighter.

Nolan Arenado
Nolan ArenadoAP

How? Perhaps by copying Madman Drew Loftis’ playbook and drawing as many fantasy teams as possible!

Whether you’re participating in online baseball designs with friends or strangers, giving your brain an opportunity to think about something other than whether you have enough peanut butter, toilet paper, or $ 50 bottles of another brand of hand sanitizer.

When you put together multiple fantasy teams, you have the opportunity to think about and talk about something positive – the return of baseball – and not sit around thinking about whether your 98.8 degree temperature is reason enough to see the doctor .

When you put multiple teams together, you get the camaraderie that you may not have if you are quarantined or work from home.

If you put together several teams, you have something to do and can try out different strategies. You can try to draw powerful or speed controlled teams. Use a different design to pick a squad that uses your first five picks for the best pitcher available. You can try to put together a team in which your oldest player is the Braves phenomenon Ronald Acuna (he’s 22), or have a team of only 2017 Astros and call them the Garbage Pail Kids.

The possibilities are endless and give you a break from this never-ending coronvirus message cycle. Sure, it’ll give you a lot of work every day at the start of the season – unless you find the elusive bill design that’s not littered with nonsense picks or you want to be a hated absentee at the start of the season – but it’s going to be fun make to see the results.

The most important thing is to stay informed about everything related to COVID-19 and to keep yourself – and your loved ones – healthy and safe. But you also have to give yourself a break, live a little and force yourself to remember that this will also pass. Sport may not be here today, tomorrow, or even next week, but they will return. In the meantime, move away.