How Fazer Email Marketing? Learn Step by Step!


Do you want to learn how to raise a campaign of e-mail marketing and use a free ferramenta why is that so?

Next, it shows the video how you can raise a campaign of e-mail marketing to spread your product, your company or your negotiation.

No meu site, you will find a COMPLETE GUIDE on E-mail Marketing.

Email marketing is used by large companies and small businesses. It is very effective to disseminate and sell products or services.

Você ainda não knows how to raise e-mail marketing, from hoje você vai começar to raise their own e-mail campaigns and vai fazer part of several companies that use this fermentation to increase as bandages, to increase the results of the company.

There are several email marketing tools that we can use to raise campaigns. Some are free and outras não, being necessary to pay a small monthly fee to use.

A ferramenta that eu vou show for you a powerful and muito ferramenta detected by various companies and sim, it is free for you to send 12 thousand messages per month.

A ferramenta that we are going to use é or Mailchimp.

Link to access the fermentation:
Link to access the fermentation:
Link to access the fermentation:

Before learning fato how to raise e-mail marketing, it is necessary to understand the basic concept of fermentation of Mailchimp.

Or mailchimp works through email lists. Ou seja, you need to insert accounts, insert e-mails in the form of ferramenta so that the possa fazer or trabalho can send or e-mail in massa for all the registered users.

Depois de fazer to import two counts and time to raise your campaign.

There is no campanha menu, you need to click on "create campaign" and decolis escolher a opção "create an email".

First of all, you will be able to put a name for your campaign, this name is for internal control, just insert a name for your own control.

To next web é to choose you want to send a message for all contacts of certain list or então for groups or segmented within your list. The groups and segments are functionalities um pouco avançadas, então você não needs to select agora, it is enough to select a "complete list" option which means to send for an entire list.

And ago you will come to preencher as informações da sua mensagem.

– Assunto do email
– Prior text
– Nome do remetente
– Email do remetente

Depois de fazer as configurações initis da mensagem chegou at the time of escort or layout of the message.

A ferramenta map different models for you to get edited, and it is very simple to use ferramenta and raise a campaign of e-mail marketing.

If you want to learn how to raise e-mail marketing, this video will help you a lot.