How I Quit Smoking by Using a Vaporizer Pen

Vaporizer Pen

I have been a smoker for 5 years. I find smoking relaxes my nerves or simply comforts me; something I believe most people also find in smoking.

And even though I know its negative impact on my health, as well as the health of people surrounding me through second-hand smoke, I still crave for it every single time; five to six times a day to be exact. I cannot say whether its a habit I have developed over the years or simply a product of social influence.

Whatever the reason, I feel like smoking needs to be a part of my daily to-do’s, until vaping came in the spotlight.

Maybe not so true, but very funny!

For health reasons, I have been wanting to quit smoking. And thanks to the development of the electronic cigarette business, I now have a healthier option, I believe.

I have researched its benefits, its pros and cons as opposed to what people label as “analog smoking”, and I must say I am impressed. I have just found the best vape pen that gives me satisfaction that I found in smoking.

For quite some time now, I have been vaping and I can see that a lot of people have also jumped on the vaping bandwagon, especially those with the intention of quitting smoking.

With vaping gaining much popularity today, it has become the target of a lot of speculations. As the government increased the taxes on cigarettes to control people’s consumption, so have they raised the taxes for vaporizers and e-cigarettes.

Just when I thought I already have the best motivation to quit smoking, the government had just become so unsupported. Nevertheless, I still opt vaping over actual smoking.The benefits that I get from using a vaporizer pen are insurmountable compared to purchasing tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping has helped me a lot in my challenge to give up smoking.

I think this is something people need. A device that can help them minimize their addiction for the more evil thing; like they say, choose the lesser evil.

I’m now entering my second year of being smoke-free, nicotine-free, and even an e-cigarette free zone! I just woke up one morning with no desire for any type of smoking whatsoever.

This is by far, the greatest accomplishment I have made my entire life. My younger siblings no longer smell vapor whenever I am around them and I believe I had just become a good role model for them, not perfect though.

Quitting an addiction may be tough, but with the help of the developments around us, it is never impossible. It is important to keep in mind the goal and look forward to achieving it by any means necessary.

I am grateful that these e-cigarettes and vaporizer pens were invented because they were the stepping stones that helped me finally let go of what’s drowning me.

I still keep the vape pen with me and whenever I look at it, I cannot help but become proud of myself for achieving this new lifestyle. And I believe this is worth sharing.


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