How important is SugarCRM for your VoIP Business?


Have you felt that the VoIP phone systems are the new normal these days?

However, not all the IP phones are a user’s choice for several reasons – no CRM integrations are one of them. The success of VoIP business usually lies in the fact that it collaborates with different Customer Relationship Management Tools – also known as CRM. It is an approach that works to increase sales by organizing customer information in a useful way. 

Xinix VoIP has been providing services all over the UK for over a decade now. It integrates with 80+ CRM tools and devices. As a consequence, it is user friendly and may suit almost every company.

xinix crmSugarCRM – a company with more than 2 Million users and operating in 120 countries with seven offices globally, has joined hands with Xinix’s VoIP phone system. Thus, Xinix can provide seamless solutions for all these 2 million users. The fusion of Xinix and Sugar has led to providing an extraordinarily friendly interface that helps users find pleasure in working. It makes working so effortless and comfortable that the task of days can be covered up within hours because of having all the information just in hand whenever required.

Here’s a brief guideline to know what exactly it would be like to work with the fusion product of Xinix and SugarCRM.

Calling Pop up

Whenever you receive a call, your desktop screen’s bottom right side will show a dialogue box showing the caller ID and two buttons to either receive or decline the call. It is very responsive and will pop out the moment you receive the call.

The Calling dialogue box provides you with three possibilities:

preview sugar crm

  1. “Receive” the call by clicking on the Green Button.
  2. “Decline” the call by clicking the Red Button.
  3. Click the Cube on the right side of the dialogue box, and it will take you to the “preview window.”

The bottom right corner shows the “time” in seconds. It is the time that the call has been ringing from.

Navigation to the Preview window

preview sugar crm

The “preview window” is a neat and composed interface. It is not a complex interlinked system and is very quick and efficient.

It shows different subcategories to store data and information such as Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Calendar, Emails etc.However It also has a section exhibiting the Contact details such as Title, phone number and other information.

You can also Edit the details whenever you want and update it as and when required.

incoming call sugarcrm

It is a beneficial feature because this feature will never leave you to take any call impromptu. Whenever you receive a call, you can have all the information about the Contact right in front of you. Thus, this avoids a lot of miscommunications and confusion.

To check the live status of the Contact follows the following steps:

  1. Locate the “Calling Pop up” at the right side of your Desktop
  2. Click on the “cube” that appears within in the dialogue box
  3. Scroll down the Contact information
  4. Open the “Customer Journeys”

The “Calls” section shows the Status, time and the assigned extension to which the call is placed.

Navigation to the Activity logs

After connecting the call, the right side of the dialogue box shows two options.activity sugar crm

A single cube, which will take you to the “Preview Window.”

Double Cube button, which will take you to the “Activity Log.”

The “Activity Log” presents the following information:

  • Date & Type
  • Direction (Inbound or Outbound)
  • Reminder
  • Contact name
  • Guests

activity call sugar crm

Editing the Activity Logs


The Dialogue box has an option to “edit” the Activity details. By tapping the “edit” button, you will have the custom mode on, where you can select the direction, remind, change the time and date, and update the description as per the current scenario.

The pictorial representation is as follows:

activity logging sugarcrm

Click on the “Save” button to secure all the changes you have made.

Dialing a Call

Making the call is as simple as the other task in SugarCRM.

You have three options to make a call – From the address book, preview window or history.

From Address Book: 

  • Type the contact information (name) in the search bar.
  • Find the contact from the search results
  • Click on the number you want to call.

loging crm

From Preview Window:

  1. Open the “Preview Window”
  2. In the preview window, click on the number
  3. The Outgoing call pop up will appear on the right side of the Desktop screen

From History:

  1. Go to the “History” menu.
  2. Find the number you want to call
  3. Click on the “Green” call button to place the call


Go to the “Preview window” by clicking the Cube and place the call from there.

The “History” preview contains all the records like the duration of the call, the talk-time, name and the contact number.

Outgoing Call Pop up

outgoing call

The Outgoing call window will appear like this. It also shows the seconds from which the call has been dialing.

The Verdict

As it shows, that the SugarCRM and Xinix’s VoIP phone system work in quiet flow with each other. It is one of the most exceptional features of Xinix that provides you full flexibility to work. Xinix’s VoIP Business is undoubtedly the most considerate company when it comes to the user experience and ease of accessibility. Hence, now you do not have to think twice before switching to modern telephony because Xinix is solving the problems for you.