How Rajshri Deshpande, Gaitonde's wife in "Sacred Games", helps Maharashtra farmers

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Mumbai: Actress Rajshri Deshpande can be seen in every newsfeed after talking a lot about her role in Netflix & # 39; s first Indian original series "Sacred Games". Her nuanced portrayal of Subhadra, the wife of the infamous gangster Ganesh Gaitonde (played by Nawazuddin Sidiqqui), brought her instant applause. And a special love scene in which the actress had to become topless became a sensation overnight.

But what fans may not know is that Rajshri is not only an actor, she is also a development activist and runs her own NGO to work with marginalized communities such as farmers, women and trans people.

"I hate the term activist or social worker. It limits people. I don't do anything extraordinary or special. I only listen to people and when I listen I can feel their pain and of course I just want to help them, ”the actress told News18.

Rajashri registered their NGO "Nabhangan" six months ago. However, her social engagement dates back to 2008 when she quit her job in advertising.

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“At that time I was traveling a lot and reading a lot. I didn't have that much money and I loved traveling, so I took the bus, the train, lived in people's houses and met a lot of people. As I was traveling through rural Maharashtra, I found that the villages were suffering from various economic and social problems that could only be understood on the ground. Since I come from a humble background myself, I decided to work towards increasing marginalized areas, ”said Rajshri.

Rajshri was born in the small town of Aurangabad near Pune to middle-class parents. Though she never wanted to, the actress recalls that after the 20s, she had to cut back on some luxury itemsth every month so that her family could feed, dress and raise her and her two sisters. Her parents' roots in agriculture also gave her early insight into the suffering of the farmers in Maharashtra.

The actress's first major disappointment with social work occurred during the 2015 drought when she was working on a water use project in a village in Maharashtra. Since then she has worked on an independent level for various issues, such as empowering women, sanitation and transgender rights.

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She believes that change begins at home and that you don't have to travel to the villages to help people.

“Oppressed people are all around us. Your maid, your driver, everyone can be a victim of oppression. I try to listen to everyone I meet and find ways to help them when they need it, ”said the actress.

Rejecting the negative publicity she received for her topless scene in the original series directed by Anurag Kashyap, the actress said that she wasn't disturbed by the trolling and would rather focus on the appreciation she received ,

"If you do a good job and are known for your work, that's all that matters. I've always played interesting roles and will continue to look for meaningful work," said the actress.

The actress, who has appeared in several plays in Hindi and Marathi, also in Angry Indian Goddesses and S Durga, said that the celebrity that she has gained through acting has definitely helped her in terms of her social relationships, the popularity only one Was the result of their work. But the actress said she wanted to make the most of it.

"I do not know to what extent the advertising for the show of my NGO or my social work helps, since this type of work is very individualistic and can only bear fruit if you are really committed to the cause. But if so, why should I complain? "

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