How Ronda Rousey wants to bring her WWE back

<pre><pre>How Ronda Rousey wants to bring her WWE back

Ronda Rousey's ideal WWE return would not be at WrestleMania or any other pay-per-view.

The former Raw women winner said Thursday in the WWE podcast "After the Bell" with Corey Graves that she would simply love to "crash" house shows.

When she comes back it will probably be on her terms.

"Probably whenever I feel like it," said Rousey with a laugh when asked when we would see her in a WWE ring again. "If only they let me show up at live events, probably very soon."

The former UFC bantamweight champion who joins the podcast is her first appearance in a WWE relationship since she broke her hand and lost to Becky Lynch in a triple-threat match against Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 35 last April , Rousey had withdrawn from the company she worked with until April 2021 to try to start a family with husband Travis Browne. So far there has been no baby announcement.

Rousey, who spends her time being a mother to Browne's two sons from his previous marriage, taking care of her California ranch and other projects, said that she would love "a little Easter egg surprise" at WWE house shows to be.

"I should open that up," she said. "We'll see if they let me."

WWE's live event business has been declining in recent years, and an appearance by Rousey, though unlikely, would lead to the property of never knowing who might show up.

What she missed most is the relaxed nature of these shows and the camaraderie in the locker room. In addition, she never made hair and make-up for them. The 32-year-old even got a kick from the unique trip to the next show.

"Then get in the car and drive to the nearest town without finding anything and eating jerky beef all night. I miss that," said Rousey.

In her absence, Rousey said she was "a little obsessed with NXT". She praises the girlfriend and two-time NXT woman winner Shayna Baszler for her "kick in the butt" and notes that the Queen of Spades is the "whole reason" for her and the other four MMA riders, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, wrestle just.

Rousey also has another name in mind from NXT.

"Oh my god. Rhea Ripley, she's doing great," said Rousey. "I'd like to be in a match with her someday. She adapts to everyone so differently and there are so many things that really get her out of people that she can’t do with anyone else. So, I’m really looking forward to whether we’ll ever get this opportunity, but I’d love to get in the ring with her. She’s fantastic. ”

Rousey continues, Flair, the women's Royal Rumble winner, should choose Ripley as the winner at WrestleMania 36 in Tampa on April 5th The NXT champion and not the Raw champion Becky Lynch or the SmackDown defending champion Bayley with whom she already had programs.

"Charlotte and Becky have great matches, but they had so many that I feel like it's time to get some new girls into the situation, and Charlotte and Rhea should … just body types in general and athletics and Everything's like that, ”said Rousey. "It's just a unique match that I think you can definitely get to a WrestleMania level."

Ripley, who has tweeted that she can take on Flair or Rousey, will meet NXT TakeOver Portland challenger Bianca Belair next Wednesday. Rousey, whose most logical match with WrestleMania 36 would be a rematch with Lynch on her return, was impressed by all of NXT's “new names”.

"That was the NXT year," she said.

Rousey said she came to WWE to give the women's section "as much momentum as possible" and felt that she was doing so. It was fun to see what they have been doing since then.

"You take it and run with it," she said. "You are better than ever, have more momentum than ever."