How SEO will change in 2020 (and you won't like it)


Should you even bother more with SEO? Absolutely! In 2020, the same SEO techniques and SEO hacks that used to work for 2019 will change, but if you are prepared for what is changing in SEO, you can dominate the future of marketing by playing intelligently.
In this SEO video tutorial, Eric Siu shares how to increase website traffic in 2020 and some new SEO strategies for on-page SEO, SERP domination and more. 2020 is not just about voice search and podcasting, the marketing tactics that will really move the needle are omnichannel marketing strategies.
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Oh, and if you're wondering, what is SEO in the first place? It is search engine optimization and we have a lot of excellent videos about SEO for beginners on the channel.


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Video transcript:

In this clip, we are going to talk about how SEO will change in 2020 and unfortunately you will not like it, but before doing so, do not forget to subscribe or follow any platform that you are seeing correctly now, especially if you enjoy clips about marketing, entrepreneurship, growth, productivity and more. You will enjoy it. Check it out. Alright, so SEO, this is what is happening with SEO right now. If you think of Google, because Google is the largest, they assume most of the traffic in the US. UU. And in many countries of the world. The problem with this is that they are a publicly traded company. Now their incentives are to make more money for their shareholders. Now it is not just not being evil, which was his model in the past. In fact, they removed it from their type, their mission statement or part of their mission and values.

Now that you think about it, there is only a lot of space. There is only a lot of real estate and on a search results page. So it used to be in the past, you know their ads. I remember in high school when, when they started, um, words from Google ads, um, there was only one fragment and it was so clear that it was an advertisement, right? And now, over the years, it is now less and less obvious that it is an advertisement, right? It used to stand out in yellow. It was as clear as an ad and there are only one or two of them at this time, you may see four or five ads at the top and see more ads at the bottom because Google is becoming less apparent than your ads and they are putting more ads on search engine results pages, they are earning more money, they are incentivized to earn money, which means that organic results, SEO results, are shrinking a bit, right?

So, what used to be at the top of the fold that would be obtained as most of the clicks. Now you are pushing so hard that you already know this to say that maybe the number one SEO result could get 25 to 40 to 50% of clicks. Now it's like, you know, it could be reduced to 10% or so. There is a clip that I will show you at a time when, when I spoke at the marketing school live conference, I share some data, from, Rand Fishkin, from Spark Toro, On the search results pages, they are consolidating more and more as it becomes increasingly difficult, um, to make SEO work.