how social networks are ruining your life … and you don't even know it


Have you ever stopped to think how much control social networks have over your life? If not, now is the time. You may not even realize how much you consume. but if you watch this video, I guarantee that in the end you can really understand how much it does.

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THE SEQUEL: You are not your body.


If you want true confidence, don't go to the people who seem to have it.

Do not look at those who want everyone to know that they are cute and thin and that they have an excessive amount of pretty clothes. You will not find it in them, because they are still looking for themselves.

Do not look in the mirror to find it. Do not tell yourself that you are "beautiful as you are." Now, that's certainly better than humiliating you … but you'll never find confidence if you associate it with your physical appearance … in some way, positive or negative.

If you want true confidence, you must close your eyes. You must release the belief that & # 39; you & # 39; It is your physical body. That is not your being. Instead of changing the appearance of your body, change the way you see it. Appreciate the fact that your body allows you to experience this life. That is the way you should see it if you want to obtain a true and lasting trust. Confidence that does not disappear after you wash your makeup at the end of the day. Confidence that does not disappear when you look in the mirror and do not like what you see. If you want to have true confidence, you will have to learn that it does not depend on how pretty or thin you are according to society's standards. It depends on whether or not you can understand that what you seem is not important. Not only saying "oh, I really don't care how I look today" … but stop attributing feelings to your physical appearance. When you see your body in a mirror, you don't say "I am ugly" and you don't say "I am beautiful" either. You just see your body and think "hey, look at the body I live in, great"
That is all.


The last part of this video where I talk about discovering who you are and understanding who you are not was inspired by the book The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. It is a beautiful book and I recommend it to anyone who wants to deepen this topic!

The phrase "you are not a human being in the universe, you are the universe in a human being" is one I heard from Dakota Wint, although I am not sure if it is his original quote 🙂

✭This video is not about the people who appear in it. In no way am I saying that they are bad people. This video is about you. It is about recovering the happiness you once had but that you lost in your search for more.

Also, I don't say that all social networks are bad. I am not saying that if you have an Instagram or Facebook account, you are doing it automatically for likes and superficial reasons. This is only about the uses of social networks that I show in the video.

This video is not to discourage anyone, it is only to lift people. So you can see the true nature of your existence and realize that your life is too valuable to devote to your state of social networks, celebrities and beauty.

I also realize that this video focuses on how social networks affect girls and I am aware that boys can also be consumed by social networks. That's just what I chose to focus on for this video, but it doesn't mean that men don't have trouble seeking approval through social media and comparing themselves to others.

My intentions were not to exclude people of color, although I realize that most of the girls in the video were white. I wasn't thinking about diversity when I was looking for clips for the video, I just focused on finding clips that would work. In my sequel video, I made sure to include more diversity 🙂

And finally, I want to apologize for the poor audio quality and the random bits where I got too close to the microphone. If I wasn't listening with headphones, I might not have noticed much, but if I was, I could probably say it. I spent around 40-50 hours in this video in total and I wanted to record myself again and again to make sure there were no mistakes, it was just a waste of time. But I tried my best to reduce the booms here and there!


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