How social networks make us antisocial | Allison Graham | TEDxSMU


This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Social media historian Allison Graham offers an ingenious and ironic vision of a society that feels lonely despite the hundreds of virtual connections we have online. With a world population that grows through Facebook and Twitter and a noticeable change in human interpersonal connections, the constant need for social self-validation permeates our daily existence. This talk shares the fun and revealing insights of an online life and how social networks are used to connect and disconnect.

A graduate of Southern Methodist University, Allison has worked across the country and the world to bring the word written on the big screen to life.
Allison has worked for Artisan Entertainment, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema, 20th Century Fox, Miramax and Dreamworks SKG as Assistant Director, Production Manager and Producer working with titans such as Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Bay, Timur Bekmamvetov and Tim Burton.
She was one of the main business strategists behind the marketing campaigns of The Blair Witch franchise, leading the team responsible for revolutionizing the way the Internet and movie marketing looked.
Allison likes to cook from scratch, ride a bike on flat terrain, conga lines and trampolines.

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