How the 49ers' quick starts increase Super Bowl odds in favor of bettors

<pre><pre>How the 49ers' quick starts increase Super Bowl odds in favor of bettors

Because sports bettors best remember events that just happened, a story about “slow starts” and “fast starts” will be released for the Super Bowl LIV on Sunday along with the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

Kansas City fell back in the AFC standings in both Houston and Tennessee before storming back to win and cover. The "must" means that trainer Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes need a while to find out.

San Francisco led Green Bay halfway 27-0. The “must” means that tactically brilliant coach Kyle Shanahan is great at developing early game plans.

If so, this would make very simple bets against the first quarter and first half paylines at Sunday's showdown. Wouldn't San Francisco be a bargain for you (-105) or + ¹ / ₂ (-160) in the first quarter and for you (-105) in the first half? (Quote from William Hill).

Obviously this is not a large sample size. How can we check whether these topics apply? You sound reasonable. Mahomes is a young magician who may need time to understand the enemy's defenses. Shanahan grew up as a soccer chess player.

Yesterday VSiN focused on what happened when the Chiefs (with Mahomes) and the 49ers faced playoff opponents. After the season, Kansas City has a six-game example, San Francisco a seven-game example. Let's look for more hints about starts in these indicator matchups:

First quarter: Kansas City tended to dig early holes and took only a 2-4 straight lead in the first few quarters. However, these were burdened by a combined 31: 7 debacle in the playoffs. K. C. was 30-16 during the regular season against Baltimore, Houston, Tennessee and New England.

San Francisco is starting really quickly. The Niners took the lead 4-1-2 in the first quarter. The defeat in the Superdome against the strong New Orleans … and one of the draws led to accurate coverage as an outsider in Baltimore. San Francisco won its combined first-quarter scoreboard 58:27 against Seattle (twice), Green Bay (twice), Baltimore, New Orleans and Minnesota. Impressive.

First halves: Kansas City usually figured things out in the second quarter. The slow start only lasted for the first 15 minutes. The bosses won the second quarter 85-43, with a 122-90 lead over six halves over teams reaching the playoffs.

San Francisco continued to flourish in the second quarter, with a 71: 44 lead and a combined 129: 61 lead at half time. This is astonishing given the caliber of the opposition. They even "avenged" the first quarter loss in New Orleans by 28:27 in the break.

If you're wondering about the second half, virtual dead get hot. Kansas City won its last two quarters 76-75 against these opponents, San Francisco lost 88-87.

Conclusion: San Francisco is definitely a quick starter, while Kansas City is vulnerable, at least early, even if the last two games overdo the trend. Something clever weather has to worry about as they work out their big game strategies.