How to Achieve Success in the UK’s Ride-Hailing Segment? Insights from “Wheely”


Are you looking to expand your ride-hailing app business to the United Kingdom, or to start a fresh one in your country? Yes? Then, you must get to know about ‘Wheely’ – the trending name in the UK’s ride-hailing segment, and its marketing strategies that have made Uber take a back seat in business. The insights from the giant can help you come up with a similar approach, providing you with success in the UK’s ride-hailing niche.

According to a news report from TechCrunch, the professional chauffeur ride-hailing app, Wheely has successfully raised $15 million in Series B round led by Concentric, along with the participation of Oleg Tscheltzoff, Misha Sokolov, and other major investors. This funding has been made possible only because of the kind of ride-hailing services offered by the giant.

The reason for Wheely’s big hit and the learning to be gained

Hiring professional drivers

Drivers are the face of the ride-hailing app business, and the giant understands this pretty well. They take the utmost care to hire the most proficient drivers. The organization demands around three years of chauffeur driving experience. Also, driving tests and etiquette tests are conducted to evaluate their driving skills, cleanliness skills, and behavioral traits. A driver can join the crew only when all of these requirements have been met.

These efforts from Wheely have helped them create their brand identity and earn recognition among its target group. Because of the special treatment received from the drivers, the customers feel like king and queen, making them come back to the giant again and again.

Addressing the pain points of customers

When Uber found it challenging to fulfill the need for an advanced ride scheduling option, Wheely accomplished it effortlessly. The users can schedule the rides way before their traveling day, or even on the same day (in advance) like every other on-demand ride-hailing service. The app includes a filtered calendar and a pickup time scheduler to serve on the same.

This extended service caught the attention of the customers as it let them travel without worrying about transportation modes. This makes it clear that addressing the pain points of the customer would help you stay on their favorites list in the long run.

At the top of it, Wheely had an excellent ride-hailing app both in terms of technology and in an intuitive way. To get your app launched in the market in the shortest time possible, it is recommended to opt for a customized Uber clone app rather than develop an app from scratch.

Providing an additional touch

Wheely combined an additional element to its essential features — a ‘meet and greet’ option. As a customer books a ride from the airport to a specified location, the driver arrives at the pickup point on time and receives the customer with a warm welcome. This resulted in an increased number of ride bookings in the following days.

Also, the driver is kept updated in case of any delays in the arrival of the flight. This is so, they can reschedule the ride based on the revised arrival times. All these positive gestures from Wheely towards its customers serve as a base for a strong relationship with the customers.

Confirmation of the ride through a secured platform

Wheely made effective use of the mailing system to enable its users to confirm their rides. Also, the customer is notified about the status of the driver on the day of the trip. This helped them have a check on their records as and when needed.

A general study on the UK’s ride-hailing business

According to the Statista report, revenue generated in the UK’s ride-hailing segment amounts to US$5,950 million for the year 2019. It is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 11.6%, resulting in a market volume of US$9,244 million by 2023. Also, the total number of users for the year 2019 amounted to 13.2 million for the on-demand taxi booking app business. User penetration is 19.7% in 2019 and is expected to reach 27.3% by 2023.

The end

The ride-hailing business in the UK is not foreseeing any hiccups in its growth in the upcoming years, assuring you that it would be a good idea to set foot in the UK’s ride-hailing segment.

A modified approach to the regular ride-hailing business is the reason behind the success of ‘Wheely.’ To get your name on the user’s favorite list just like ‘Wheely,’ ensure to understand your target audience, their plus points, and their pain points. A thorough study of the business and the target group is all its takes to win the hearts of millions of customers.

Many app development companies out there provide Uber clone apps along with personalization services as per your requirements. Some companies even offer live demos before you get on board with them. You can go for the one that fits your needs and budget.