How to add Google Adsense to WordPress –


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How to add Google Adsense to WordPress
This video was created to help you understand the different ways to add Google Adsense to your WordPress website. I have two main ways in which I prefer to add Adsense to my WordPress websites and I cover them in depth in this video.
0:25 introduction
01:15 – The different ways to add Adsense to your WordPress website
01:35 – A warning of what not to do
02:30 – FOR WEB SITES THAT ALREADY HAVE TRAFFIC – This is how you can add adsense and try things before implementing adsense throughout your website
04:08 – What ad units do I recommend in Adsense?
04:55 – Why don't I use Auto Ads in Adsense?
05:15 – How do I create a graphic ad in Adsense for manual insertion in the top pages 5-10
06:00 – Why should you never use a fixed ad size?
10:00 – Make sure you are always in the HTML code editor, NOT the WordPress WYSIWYG editor
10:55 – How to add bulk Adsense ad units with a WordPress plugin
11:15 – FOR ALL WEBSITES – I recommend that you use the free Ad Inserter plug-in
12:10 – Introduction to the ad insertion plug-in
17:34 – How many ad units should I put on the page?
18:05 – Offer of free courses – How to create an authority website

How to add Google Adsense to WordPress:

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