How to add live chat to a WordPress website


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See how you can add live chat to your WordPress website.

By adding a live chat, you can give your visitors a much easier way to communicate with you.

Sharp mobile application:

In this tutorial we will see how to add a live chat and its features.

Steps you must follow to add live chat:

Step 1: Create an account in Crisp (a live chat tool) (00:30)
Step 2: connect a clear account with your website. (01:38)

Then, by following these steps, you can add a live chat to your website using crispy.

Add a profile picture to your live chat. (03:44)

5 features of crisp live chat:

Visitor Chat (04:31)
Magic Navigation (05:37)
Triggers (06:39)
Operators (09:01)
Availability (10:05)

We will add live chat in the following 2 steps:

Then let's get started:

Step 1: create an account in Crisp

First, you must go to: and enter your email, password, name and then click "continue" to enter the address and name of your website.

And then, click "Finish" to create your account clearly.

Then, once we create our account, we will arrive in the live chat inbox.

Step 2: connect a clear account with your website.

So, to connect it, we need to install the "crisp" plug-in on our website. So, let's go to our WordPress panel.
Now let's look for the "clear" add-on and click on "install" and "Activate" (The complement)

Now, just click on & # 39; connect with crisp & # 39; and click continue to connect your crisp account on your website. Now you can see the live chat inbox.

Now let's see, How to add a profile picture to the live chat:

By adding a profile picture, you can make your live chat easier to use.

Now, add your profile picture … just to go to & # 39; settings & # 39; and click on "account" to add your image

Now, if we go to our site and click "update", you can see that your image appears in the live chat.

Next, let's see the 5 best live chat features:

1) Visitor chat:

Visitor chat helps you chat with your visitors, even though they are not using live chat.

2) Magic navigation:

By using the Magic navigation function, you can instantly see what your visitor is looking for on your website.

You can also point and click, anywhere on your website. And it can be seen by the user … on his screen.

3) Triggers:

Triggers can be used to send a message to your visitor automatically when they arrive at your website.

4) Operators:

This feature allows us to add additional operators that can respond to live chats.

5) Availability:

This is the most important feature, where you can choose and schedule your availability in live chat.

When you enable this feature … you can choose the days and time, when you want to be online in live chat.

That's it, guys!

This is how you can add live chat to your website, to chat with your visitors.

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