How to add social media icons to WordPress menus


Do you want to add social media icons to your WordPress menus? While WordPress doesn’t come with a built-in social media profile section, you can easily use its WordPress menus to add and display social icons in any WordPress widget-ready area. In this video, we will show you how to add social media icons to WordPress menus.

For this tutorial we will use the menu image plugin found here:

With that plugin installed and activated, you can now go to Appearance, Menus to create your social media menu. We will create a new menu by clicking on the link create a new menu and naming it Social networks.

We will add some custom links to our different social media profiles using the Custom Links section. With the plugin active, you should now see a menu image button that you can click to load an image of your choice if you don’t have an icon you want to use, we have a list of free icon sets you can use here:

Now that you have a loaded image, you can select the image size, the plugin generates image sizes for you to select. You can decide if you want the title to be visible with its icon or if you want to completely hide the text and only have the icon visible. Now when you visit your site, you can see the icons in your menu area instead of text.

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