How to build a multi-vendor e-commerce market with WordPress 2020 [Divi Theme Tutorial]✅


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You want to learn how to create a multi-vendor market with wordpress, dokan, and woocommerce. With this WordPress tutorial, you can easily create a website where providers can come and register on your website. Once registered, they can list products on their e-commerce website and successfully sell products on their website.

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Divi theme tutorial:
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WooCommerce tutorial:

Timestamps for multi-vendor tutorial

4:50 Get Hosting
7:50 Install WordPress
11:30 Install SSL
12:15 General configuration
16:30 Install Divi theme
20:15 Making pages
26:58 Upload Divi design
29:50 creating pages
34:10 Get Free Images
39:19 Divi Templates
46:53: create an e-commerce website
51:20 creating a simple product
57:50 designing the payment page
58:58 designing the cart page
1:02:52 installing dokan
1:03:20 provider settings
1:09:55 Supplier registration process
1:11:30 Disable Welcome Assistant
1:20:15 purchase process with customers
1:22:30 Completed and processed orders
1:25:00 Divi theme generator
1:39:59 Dokan Pro
1:50:00 dokan subscription product (paid providers)
2:00:00 seller products (pro version)
2:05:00 shipment
2:10:30 register with paypal
2:13:35 using stripe and refunds
2:19:04 General settings and overview and add-ons
2:22:40 How to pay sellers

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how to make a multi-vendor website