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Good news. You don’t need most of it to clean your windows.

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Cleaning my blinds is one of those tedious tasks that I sometimes feel compelled to sneer at all the time. I always sneaked through the task with a roll of dry paper towels in one hand and a bundle of wet towels in the other. It turned out that I had cleaned the blinds incorrectly over the years.

After reading some great tips from half a dozen websites, I went to get them up and running and added some of my own customizations because I just can’t help it.

Overall, the entire cleaning process of a set of blinds (horizontal) on a medium sized bedroom window did not take longer than 15 minutes and I am satisfied with the results to ignore the blinds for the rest of the spring. Your mileage may vary depending on your dust tolerance and the natural build up on your windows.

Remember, if you also plan to vacuum the room, make the blinds and other feather dusters first and keep the vacuuming at the end. Here’s what I did.

First collect all your trash

As obvious as this may be, do it Not skip this step. Dust and dirt rain on clothes, papers or other objects on the floor under the window, even on a fine layer. Put your things on the desk or bed or better put everything away.

If the blinds are really dirty, you should cover your face

The raw layer on my blinds was light enough this time that I wasn’t worried about inhaling too many particles. You can help protect your lungs by a Face mask (a delicate topic these days) or wrap your nose and mouth in a scarf – you can throw it in the laundry at any time when you’re done.


Remove the Windex for sparkling clean blinds.

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Clean dry, not wet

My biggest mistake was trying to wet clean my plastic blinds and then using dry paper towels. This creates a muddy mess that smears the dirt. Moist paper towels absorb most of the foam and appear to help dissolve some of the dust in hard-to-reach corners. But when they were first cleaned dry, the work went faster and more effectively.

Here is an exception: if your blinds are very dirty, you may need a different action plan than the one described below, e.g. B. combinations of detergent, vinegar and water solutions, or take your blinds off the window and wash them in the tub. Wooden blinds may also need special treatment.

Secret weapon: Take out the vacuum cleaner

Yes, you can use a duster or microfiber cloth (see below), but the pioneering method for me was to use the small duster attachment (the one with the brushes) on my vacuum cleaner. It does the quick work of a task that normally takes at least three times longer by hand.

Vacuum cleaners of all sizes can have attachments that are attached to a rod or hose. Here are some of CNET’s favorites Cordless vacuum cleaner and Robotic vacuum cleaner.


Meet your new best friend for cleaning blinds.

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Clean in sections in a zigzag pattern

The general recommendation is to angle the blinds so that you start with the concave part (the side where more dust usually accumulates) and move from top to bottom so that the dust falls down and you up can sweep.

This makes sense, but to slow the pace back and forth as I pick things up row by row, I worked section by section vertically down, divided by the support chains that run the length of most blinds.

Select a page, top right or top left. Start with a vertical cut and vacuum the top lamella in one direction, for example from left to right. When you reach the end of the slat, pull the vacuum onto the slat below it so that you start on the right side of this slat and work your way to the left. When you are finished with the second fin, drop the duster head of the vacuum onto the third and pick it up on the left. When you’ve finished one section, start over at the next.

At the end, you follow a zigzag pattern that quickly advances work from section to section.

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Now do the other side

When you’re done with one side, turn the rod to tilt the blinds the other way and repeat the process. The dust was lighter on this side, so I broke the “rules” and vacuumed every section from top to bottom, working my way in long swipes. (But you get cosmic brownie points for doing it “right.”)

Microfiber, socks and dusters also work

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner or duster attachment, or just prefer something else, microfiber cloth seems to be the generally accepted method. You can also use a fluffy duster on a magic wand or a special tool such as a knife Mini microfiber blinds duster, that has finger-like attachments to really get in.

I’ve seen some DIY suggestions on how to dust your own blinds with rubber bands or microfiber towels inside kitchen tongs (one on each side), clamp them over a blind, and slide them along to collect dust. Smart! You could even put your hand in a sock, but that seems to be more handmade than I like.


Here is a clever and unconventional way to clean blinds.

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Get the rest of the dirt out

When I inspected the blinds in the light, I was satisfied with my efforts, but the dirt on and on the windowsill gnawed at me. I used the vacuum dust cap to suck in as many particles as possible. Next, I went to the dry paper towel because old habits die hard and I didn’t feel like sacrificing a microfiber towel. Then I used the damp paper towel to get into the corners and dissolve more dirt. Not a perfect technique, but I’ve got enough to continue my day.

Vacuum the floor and clean the brushes

In the final steps, use your floor, shop or handheld vacuum cleaner to pick up the dust particles that hang on the floor, especially if you have a carpet. You can either shake or wipe the bristles of the duster attachment over the garbage to clean them, or throw the entire attachment into the sink with some liquid hand washing soap like me to soak it a little before rinsing and air drying.

Reward yourself

Take off a load. You deserve it. I celebrated by writing this article while lying on the couch.

For more household cleaning tips, see simply cleaning your shower head, preventing mold from growing in your washing machine, and cleaning your toothbrush of faulty (coarse) fecal particles.