How to create a file upload form in WordPress in 2020 step by step


Do you want to add a contact upload form to your WordPress website? These forms are great if you want to collect files for job applications, contests, or a host of other reasons. In this video, we will show you how to create a file upload form in WordPress.

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For this tutorial, we will use WPForms Pro, which you can purchase using the link above. Install and activate the plugin, and in the settings add the license key to verify your product. Finally, for this tutorial you will go to WPForms and the plugins area to activate the form templates package plugin.

We will enter WPForms, Add new and name our new form as we want, and we will scroll down to select the file upload template. Select it and WPForms will create a form for you with pre-filled fields that you can choose to use or not. These will include a loading field, comments, and other fields that are normally included in this type of form.

You can delete any field that you don’t want to use or, if you select a field, on the left side you will have options available to edit the field and display it as you like. For the upload section, you can limit to certain file types and allow multiple files if you want.

For this guide, we will check the box to store files in the WordPress Media Library so that the files are saved on your site. In the general settings of the form, we will configure the administrator’s email address, the subject and decide whether to send them to a thank you page or send you a thank you message.

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