How to create a slider in WordPress


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Beautiful websites require a lot of work. However, WordPress makes it easy to do.

One of the features that makes websites beautiful is the slider. Slider controls are very powerful elements on websites. They are lovely and can be used to convey a lot of information, using only a small part of the website.

Making sliders could be quite complicated, but the benefits are worth it.

The sliders have the ability to:
to pass a lot of information to users without thick text.
captures the attention of readers quickly.
Show other content besides images, such as videos.

However, they could end up being really messy. For this reason, we would be analyzing how to effortlessly create sliders on our WordPress website through add-ons.

Fast, simple and easy to use.

We would be creating a slider, either compact or full screen in just four steps.

Step 1: download the Slider plug-in

We would be downloading the sliding plug-in (the Smart Slider 3 plug-in would be used for this tutorial. Guess what? It's free to download.

Don't forget that it is the WordPress slider that we are going to use here.

Step 2: upload the plugin to your site

What we would do next is to visit the WordPress panel, click on the add-ons section and load the downloaded Smart Slider 3 plug-in.
After loading the plug-in, we will activate the plug-in.
Things are about to get interesting here, we would be creating our first beautiful slider.

Step 3: create your first slider

After activating our Smart Slider 3 plug-in, it would be available in the WordPress panel.
Then we would click on it in the WordPress panel. After clicking on it, there would be two options to create a slider, either manually or using a template.
Remember that I said it would be easy the other time, therefore, we would be using the template, which is the fastest option here.
Selecting the template option would present us with free and premium templates. Choose any of the templates and we would preview the template.
The template can be imported and would be present in the Smart Slider menu.

Step 4: add the slider to a page

The next stop would be to add the slider to the website.
Visit the website's home page or the page where you want to add the add-in, and click on "Edit with Elementor".
New icons would appear on the web page, click on "+" and then on the "Smart Slider" option. Drag and drop the "Smart Slider" option on the web page and then choose the template you prefer.

To finish this, update the web page using the update option at the bottom of the page.

Yipeee! We have added a slider to our WordPress website.

Step 5: edit the slider

To edit a slider, click on the "Smart Slider" option at the top of your WordPress website, and click on the Edit Slider option.

If you want to get better templates, you can buy in the available premium templates.

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