How to create a WordPress 2020 website [Made Easy]


How to create a WordPress 2020 website
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Are you interested in making an online website? Well, the task may seem a bit difficult for beginners. Do not worry!

You can complete the task simply by following some expert advice online.

👇 5 time steps Seal instructions:

1) Select the hosting provider: 00:52
2) Choose the domain name: 01:25
3) Install WordPress: 03:49
4) Add topic: 07:07
5) Add content: 10:34

With the advent of the Internet and digital media, most people these days are making efforts to put their businesses online. To capture the attention of the audience from all corners of the world, they need to create a WordPress website on the Internet. Everything found in this 2020 guide from the WordPress website.

WordPress does not require users to have specific technical skills or coding skills. Even beginners can start with this platform using some simple drag and drop functions. In addition, there are several major brands that are ready to provide accommodation services at a reasonable price. Experts advise moving forward with GoDaddy, the most reliable website hosting platform online.

You can take advantage of a perfect combination of a domain name, hosting service and WordPress website creator on the GoDaddy platform. They are ready to meet your personalized needs for efficient website development.

How to create a WordPress 2020 website?

Those looking for some valuable tips and guidelines to design their own website using the GoDaddy and WordPress platform are recommended to follow the following steps:

The basic configuration:

The biggest mistake that most beginners make when creating their website online is to make a selection of incorrect service providers. Keep in mind that the first requirement for your new website is a reliable domain name and website hosting service.

You'll be glad to know that GoDaddy can provide you with the best solution for your desired domain name. Simply visit the official website of these service providers, and they will soon deliver the credentials according to your requirements. When choosing a domain name for your website, make sure it is more relevant to your niche. In case your favorite domain name is already taken by another brand; You can modify the idea by making some basic adjustments. GoDaddy can suggest some of the best combinations to meet your needs.

Once your domain name is finalized, you can choose the best hosting service package to keep your website active online. The best news for all website developers of the new era is that GoDaddy offers a perfect combination of the website's domain name and hosting service.

Install WordPress:

Once you are ready with your domain name and hosting packages, it is time to install WordPress on your website. Simply log in to your platform using your domain name credentials and your screen will soon display several icons. Choose Install the WordPress icon, and installation on your platform will begin soon. It takes a few minutes to complete the installation and you will soon be able to go to the login page. You can now access your website by placing your username and password in the specified field.

Choose an attractive theme:

It's time to adjust the visual appearance of your website. The good news is that WordPress has a number of professionally designed templates; prefer to choose the one that best suits your brand niche. The visual appeal of the website should be more relevant to the products and services it provides so that the public can feel connected. In case the templates available in the library are not suitable for your needs, you can search for paid packages online.

It is possible to update the theme simply by pressing the Add New button in the Themes section. WordPress contains a large library of more than 4492 themes that are available for free.

Add content to the website:

After adding a theme to your website's platform, it's time to put keyword-rich content on the pages. Something that will catch your visitors. You may need to create some essential pages on the website, the most preferred list includes the home page, about us, services, products and the contact page. Apart from this, business owners also prefer to add a blog and a gallery page to stay connected with the audience. To rank your website higher in the search engine results, it is important to update the rich SEO content to your website.

How to create a WordPress 2020 website *

Make sure your content is attractive, attractive and easy to read too. It should serve to guide your audience to make a purchase on their platform.

Once your website is ready with the most relevant content, publish it online.

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