How to Create an App Like Uber


Before you start preparing for your project regarding an application like uber, you will be required to identify the market that you plan to enter with your application. It’s a suggestion that the developer should pick a country first and then understand its economics, as a result, form approaches that are going to be applicable there.

It is best to evaluate your position and then bring changes into your business, jumping head in first into scenarios and ideas is never going to help out in the long run. In manner from market analysis, the effective way would be to learn from previous similar experiences. This would clarify on factors that you should avoid and those that you should implement within your application. But make sure to stay in sync with the elements that will influence your services and application as a whole. Here are the steps to create an app like Uber.

Steps to create an app like uber

  • Analyzing the structure:

There have been instances when startups mostly focused on estimating the final cost of the applications development rather than focusing on the whole system, as to how it works and operates altogether. But to make sure that you do not go through a similar experience as an uber like app services developer, you need to ensure that you have a standard set of software to create your application.

You will require an application that is especially for the customer, an application that is confined to the driver’s use and lastly, an application that is for the admin panel. In addition to that, you can even add an application that is for the use of the fleet, allowing transportation companies to have easier access to your platform.

  • Choosing the right set of features:

When it comes to features, the application is going to require features that has an individuality to it; each offering a different sort of access. Features of an application are one of the few things that play a role at bringing in customers, otherwise, they wouldn’t have opted for the application in the first place. You will be required to add features that are unique and engaging, with a unique set of functionalities that are not being offered anywhere else within the industry. This will aid you in retaining your users and attract them to come back for more. Here is a list of features that your taxi application must-have.


Having a registration method that requires phone numbers rather than email addresses is an effective method to market the application once it’s been launched. This will provide opportunities for your business to communicate through better means.

Payment methods:

It is essential for applications to have more than one payment method. This is going to give options to your users to choose whatever method suits them the most; rather than confining them with one method, its best to give them space and let them decide on their own. Not just that, it will allow you to handle payments easily as well and refund them effectively without facing hindrances.

Time estimation:

Having an estimated time of arrival that assists both the customer and the driver is going to let them prepare for the ride accordingly. Having an idea of where the vehicle currently is or how long it might for it to get here is one of the most important and basic functionalities of uber like applications.

  • Scam avoidance:

Applications that are similar to uber often face fraud. And to avoid that they adapt maneuvers that require hard work. Applications have added systems that manage data related to speed, location and altitude and that stops people from scamming. Especially those who were trying to spoof the companies GPS for their own welfare purposes.

  • Technology stacks:

Most taxi booking applications go for native platforms since they are easier to maintain. Secondly, native applications can be created through a single programming language that is JavaScript; allowing it to work on both operating systems, Android and IOS.

These are the features and steps that you will be requiring for your application. And before you dig into these, make sure you have an estimated cost set aside to develop your cab booking application. As that is going to be the driving force that decides on how your application turns out to be.