✅ How to CREATE and LINK count ADSENSE no YOUTUBE (2019)


There are basically ways to raise and link a contact adsense not your YouTube channel. Now this video shows how fazer do jeito mais fast and easy!

You can contact Google AdSense, which is essential for the recipient or the user who or YouTube will pay you for the monetization of your channel. Assim, um two steps to reach monetização do seu canal e just ter uma contact google AdSense bred and linked to o seu channel.

No video and I explain how to make or step number 2 (of 4) of when you will go to monetize your channel here not YouTube. In any way, don't worry about this, you will be quick and easy to raise and link to Adsense no YouTube. Mesmo assim, or important is to understand how to configure correctly or AdSense so as not to be dor de cabeça not future.

Sowing that in addition to raising and linking your adsense account, you need to become a parceiro do Youtube pra começar to ganhar dinheiro! This is why it is important as 4000 hours of exposure time and 1000 enrolled in your channel.

Course pra ganhar mais registered no Youtube:
Page for ativar monetização:
Google Adsense site:

Give or play no video and see how to raise and link your contact AdSense to your non-YouTube channel to give input no monetização request! Você ainda não ativou, click here to assist us in another video that explains how to fazer:

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