How to create fast content that ranks on Google! SEO Content Marketing Hack for digital marketers


Struggling to create content optimized for search engines that get traffic and increase your authority? This SEO trick is exactly how I force Google to give me the most optimized keyword phrases to quickly search for search engine optimized content.

This video is about quickly creating SEO-friendly content, fast! If you are recording this video in series, you should first review the keyword research video found here:

The keyword tool I use is here:

Following this video is how to design the optimized search engine post on your WordPress blog … which I cover in detail here:

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In this video, I choose a random keyword phrase as if I were a niche marketing specialist in that space. This is where we begin so that you can build the process of creating SEO-optimized content focused on classifying a specific keyword.

From the keyword tool, I took out my main focus keyword and then the three supporting keywords that are most relevant to the topic.

From here, we go to Google and take advantage of the Google data that it reveals on the search engine results page 2, we optimize and further focus our piece of content to support our main keyword phrase and keyword phrases more relevant in the eyes of Google.

This is how we can take advantage of Google’s data and information to create the most SEO-friendly content possible.

At this point, we have extracted all the phrases and keyword data in a random notebook … or Word document.

The next step is to expand these keyword phrases so that they essentially become header tags or H1 and H2 tags.

We now organize these keyword-centered headings in a logical order that would make sense to the reader who finds their content from a relevant search phrase.

Then we expand each of these headings to reach the main subpoints that would support that headline and support the keyword phrase and the overall theme of the piece.

At this point, it has a very simple scheme that is the search engine optimized for success.

You simply need to add some sentences to each subpoint to really make this content come alive. If you are new to a niche, you can research each subpoint effectively to create content on the go …

If you are an expert in the niche, you will simply share your thoughts, your ideas from your years of experience to communicate to the reader why that point is so important.

When you're done, you have content that is ready to be published in your SEO-compatible WordPress blog.

If you are making videos, you can use the same process to create schemes to get the main points that you will talk about in your videos.

This becomes a great tool to take advantage once the video is completed so you can convert your video and optimize the blog post quickly too.

The real trick of the SEO game is to publish hundreds of these mega posts optimized for search engines quickly.

This is why we recommend doing a 90-day challenge in which you publish one publication per day for 90 days. You can learn more about that here:

Completing a 90-day challenge is an incredible feat, but it is also just the starting point … The goal is to continue publishing highly optimized content for search engines day after day for years!

This is the type of work and the level of intensity required to truly create success with your online business.