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How to deal with the challenges faced in the automatic screw driving system arena

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How to deal with the challenges faced in the automatic screw driving system arena

How to deal with the challenges faced in the automatic screw driving system arena

It is good to appreciate that regardless of how good something is, there is always a challenge. When we are faced with challenges, finding a solution becomes a necessity. In the automatic screw feeder machine world, there are different challenges. With innovation, the automatic screw dispenser manufacturers have been working hard to deal with the challenges and still deliver great machines to suit different production areas. 

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Making room

Space is a great challenge when it comes to automatic screw driving. An auto-feed screwdriver needs adequate space to effectively fasten in every location. Space should be enough to accommodate the tool accepting the screws. You find that fastening locations located in vertical walls and deep recesses can pose a significant issue. 

There are cases where the obstructions cannot be designed from the assembly. In such a case, special tools can be created to enter such areas. Sometimes the bit may be vacuum equipped, ensuring that the fastener remains on the bit until it gets to the hole. 

The fastener can be changed as well to be able to deal with the recess in question. 

The fastener

Fasteners can cause a lot of issues associated with automatic screw driving systems. The screws that have internal drive recesses are great for automation purposes. The drive styles should be the kind that does not need a lot of downward force for engagement. Such bits should line up better and remain within the fastener centerline.

When you use the best fasteners, you avoid issues related to feeding and driving. The length to diameter ratio matters a lot. We cannot avoid the wide fasteners, but we can fix screws using extended tubing that bears the very same profile like the fastener. 


When you are doing screw driving in high volumes, things can get dirty. When you are vacuuming screws in the vibratory bowl, it is normal to generate particulates. The driving process can bring the same issue as well. With products like automatic sensors and medical devices, the generation of particulate can be an issue. 

To deal with the challenge, most automatic screw dispenser manufacturers have come up with great methods of cleaning the feeders. Innovations have been made to ensure that the feeder does not generate as much particulate as the drum feeders and vibratory bowls. To make things even cleaner, vacuum lines may be attached to the nosepiece, the feed track, or the hoper to ensure that the particulates are sucked up. 

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Driving in tight spots

There is always a challenge involved in driving screws in tight spots. Such areas require an ideal automated screw driving system for it to be done right. There are conditions where screw presentation onto the target hole can be very challenging. This issue requires the development of a model that can efficiently install screws in areas that are confined.  

Automatic screw dispenser manufacturers such as Calvindude have the know-how and capacity to custom make some of the automatic feeder machines to aid with your processes and guarantee an effective way of doing assemblies at all times. 

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