How to do FREE Animated Video Marketing (in Spanish)



What is video marketing? We could say that it is the way to "market" your product or service through videos … but it is also much more than that. With the arrival of youtube and the possibility that in most homes you have good speed internet, which allows you to watch the videos perfectly, an incredible opportunity has been opened for any ordinary person (you and I for example) to have Access to create and share audiovisual content economically and even for free! And this was a luxury that not long ago only gave the great television channels, advertising agencies, etc. Do you realize your potential?

That is why it is said that the Internet has "democratized" information … of course, there is also anyone uploading any nonsense; badly recorded videos or with lousy audio, simple cell phone recordings of the last trip with friends, etc. The important thing is to use it to promote our business: be it our website, our company, a physical product, various services, opportunities, trips, tutorials … the list is endless.