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In this chapter we are joined by the entrepreneur Helio Laguna to reveal to us the secret of how to make money with email marketing effectively.

If you are an entrepreneur you must be executing strategic email marketing for a simple reason … Email SELLS! In fact, in digital marketing, email is still the # 1 source of income for most companies and small businesses. But selling is the second step in the process, so you first have to figure out how to build customer loyalty before sending them to the shopping cart.

Many say that email marketing is dead. However, they may contact you via email to tell you about the number of products that may be available at that time. Therefore, they are using the process of selling with email marketing directly.

We live in a world where we are constantly checking emails and which has taken much more with the advent of smartphones or smartphones. So Helio Laguna wants to give us 3 tips to create the definitive email marketing system:

TIP # 1
Write a daily mail. You must be present for your subscribers on a constant basis, providing information of great value to them and that they keep wanting to saber more of you next time.

TIP # 2
Be fun in your emails. If you are monotonous and your texts are going to be executive letters, your subscribers will get bored and stop opening your emails, worse still, they will stop following you. Fun SELLS.

TIP # 3
Sell ​​EVERY day. Always include a call to action at the end of your emails promoting your or affiliate products that provide additional value for people who want to learn more about the topic in question.

Remember that the email subscriber list is the BEST ASSET your business can have. So don’t worry if some are unsubscribed. Focus on the ones you have to nurture them and form a true community.

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