How to EXPLOIT your Shopify store with Content Marketing


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We have received a lot of questions from all of you about Shopify.

This is from Abul, "Neil Patel, I have a Shopify store". But I don't know what things "I should write a blog" and what things I should make videos. "But really, I think everyone wants your opinion on Shopify in general.

Let's analyze how to grow your Shopify store using content marketing.

The question is really about video or text-based content.

The answer: what are you comfortable with?

For example, Adam here prefers the video.

For me, I am better at content marketing than video. I'm fine with the video. But I have been doing content marketing for more than ten years.

I'm getting better and better in the video, but I started with content marketing. I have much more experience.

In general, you want to see what you think is naturally better and focus on that.

It could be video. It could be audio. It could be text-based content marketing. You choose. It could even be a visual infographic.

With your Shopify store, ideally, most of you say: "What kind of products should we sell? How many?" They should start with a product.

You don't need tons and tons of products to get good results in Shopify. Start with one. I don't say you can't add more products later.

You want additional and low sales.

Many people Zipify us. That will help you get more additional sales when you already have products.

If you are selling insoles for high heels, your additional sale could be to buy three of them with a discount.

The point is to start with a product, focus on it and create your blog and content marketing around that product.

Go to Enter keywords within your industry. You will see what is in fashion. But instead of simply creating text-based content. Try to create infographics. You can go to Dribbble, or 99designs.

There you can find people to create infographics for a few hundred dollars. Maybe even $ 50 depending on the country.

Create these infographics and then go to, discover all the people who wrote similar content. Now you are creating visual content. Instead of text based. You are contacting all the people who shared that text-based content by clicking on view shares in Buzzsumo. It gives you a list.

Do the same with Ahrefs. You go to Ahrefs. You put in the original article. You see who links it.

Then you contact them and tell them: "Hi Adam, I realized that you linked with this article that breaks down what happens to your feet after walking with high heels for a year. I created a similar article, but mine is visual in infographic format Feel free to see it here.
If you think your audience will love it, feel free to insert it into your article. "

If you don't know how to embed your infographic, there are add-ons that allow you to easily embed it. I don't know what add-ons work for Shopify.

I know that for WordPress I use the WP embed code generator. You do that, people embed it, and you'll get more links and shares on social networks. In general, you should also get more e-commerce sales.

So that's it for the video of questions and answers on Thursday of this week. Feel free to leave a comment if you want to be answered in the next week's question and answer video.

If you have any questions about Shopify, leave a comment below. I will be there to answer. Thanks guys for watching. Be sure to share, like, comment, subscribe.