How to Fix Canon Printer Not Printing?- Steps To Fix This Issue


Canon is one in all the foremost known brands in digital printing resolution. Canon may be a Japanese company that offers all reasonably printers and encompasses an immense variety of loyal client base. Canon printers area unit utilized by all reasonably users for each personal and business usage. Printers area unit necessary tool in our daily work and it affects our work vastly if printer not printing for any reason. Like alternative printers we have a tendency to could face bound problems with Canon printer. therefore a way to fix Canon printer not printing on your own? Here is a few fast troubleshooting to resolve Canon printer not printing issue.

The printer is taken into account one among the foremost necessary pc accessories and additionally one among the foremost susceptible to issues device. From inadequate printing quality to driver problems, there square measure several problems that you’ll be able to expertise along with your printer. one of the foremost frustrating problems within the printer is its inability to print something the least bit. regardless of what you are doing, what settings you modify or what number times you restart it, it offers zero response. If you’re having such issues along with your Canon printer and searching for a few skilled facilitate then this is often your guide to troubleshoot the matter. Here, you’ll realize steps that will assist you to fix your printer simply and instantly reception. Followings square measure easy steps that will be followed to resolve the problem in your Canon Printer quickly.

There square measure varied reasons for your Canon printer not printing properly. By troubleshooting the printer, you’ll be able to determine the printer issue. The printer computer code has choices for troubleshooting your printer. Once the basis reason for the matter is understood, you’ll be able to simply fix the printer issue. you’ll be able to additionally use varied tools to resolve the problem with Canon printers.

Easy pointers For Fix Canon Printer Not Printing

  • Perform the arduous printer reset to repair the Canon printer issue.
  • Power off the printer and undo it from the electric receptacle.
  • Remove the cable from the rear of the printer.
  • Leave the printer to rest for a second or 2.
  • Replug the printer on to the socket while not mistreatment surge protectors.
  • Reconnect the cable that’s aloof from the rear of the Canon printer.
  • Power on the Canon printer and wait till it becomes silent.
  • Do take a look at print and check if the printer responds.

How to Fix the Canon Printer Not Printing drawback

The Canon printer not printing drawback happens for varied reasons. you’ve got to troubleshoot the printer so as to repair the problem dogging with it.

  • If the Canon printer not printing properly initial check if the ink cartridges aren’t empty. Print a standardization page and check the ink levels.
  • Open the Canon for Windows and click on the ink management and this may show you the ink level within the ink tank. If the ink is full and your printer doesn’t print, check the legitimacy of the cartridge.
  • It is forever counseled to get ink from real retailers. If you’re not mistreatment the initial product, then the Canon printer not printing. If there’s no issue with the cartridge, check the standard of the paper inserted.
  • The paper dimension guides ought to be set in step with the paper inserted. Check what style of papers will your printer support then load a similar into the receptacle.
  • The printer might not print if it’s running out of the papers. The paper receptacle you mentioned within the printer settings ought to match with the receptacle that’s loaded with paper.
  • The printer can work fine if the items as mentioned on top of square measure noted. Resetting the printer would resolve most of the problems with the printer. The arduous reset procedure is given on top of it.
  • You don’t need a soft reset if the Canon printer responds well and doesn’t throw any error. Check the standing of the microcode, and if it’s obsolete, you’ve got to update it on an everyday basis.
  • The official web site can have the newest microcode, by clicking on the transfer button you’ll be able to update the microcode of your Canon printer.
  • Perform a take a look at print currently, the printer issue might need to be resolved, and also the Canon printer can respond well.
  • Uninstall all the printer drivers and alternative printer computer code from the pc. The cache files ought to be removed in order that there won’t be any drawback whereas re-installing the driving force.
  • Go to the Devices & Printers by navigating the control board. find your device and right-click on that. Click on the takeaway Device choice within the sub-menu displayed.
  • Now, you’ve got to browse the official web site and transfer the newest printer driver computer code that’s compatible with the software system and its version.

If the proper bit version of the computer code isn’t downloaded, the way to fix Canon printer not printing drawback can occur.


If even when following these steps, your printer doesn’t begin printing, you’ll be able to evoke some skilled facilitate as there will be other problems similarly along with your device that isn’t permitting your Canon printer to print. If after following the above troubleshoots still Canon printer not printing, then you must take support from experts. Customers can dial the third party Canon printer support number to get instant help. You can get support from expert technicians regarding the Canon printer not working for any reason. The Canon tech support number is available round the clock and customers can talk directly with experts from anywhere. The service charges are very reasonable and 100% guaranteed a solution for any Canon printer issue. So if you are facing the problem of Canon printer not working, then better call the Canon printer support number.