How to make a social networking website with WordPress 2020 [ LIKE FACEBOOK ]


In this tutorial on how to make a website, I will show you how to make a social networking website using WordPress. Your website will have features like Facebook and Twitter, but it will also have user forms, online calendar, online job bank, online courses and more.

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In this video tutorial, we will create an online community website. Yes, you can have your own Facebook website. Let's take a look at all the features you will have available. First, you can have this beautiful activity feed and all these things that I will show you are completely optional.

An activity feed, just like you are already used to on Facebook, where you can post images, videos, text updates, people can comment. People can post animated jifs. It is going to be very fun. It will be very attractive to members of your community. You can then create private groups or public groups where members of similar interests can go and communicate and share.

These groups can be private and completely secure, or they can be public. They also have an activity. Feed a private forum where group members can ask questions and answer, which brings me to user forums. You can have public or private user forums where your members can ask questions and get answers.

Having a user forum on your website is something incredible for search engine optimization to generate traffic on your website. Its members can have rich profiles where they can customize their cover image, their avatar image. Information and you can also enable them to connect with other members of the community.

You can also enable private communication through the personal message box, which is an option you have available to allow your members to communicate with each other. And yes, of course there are notifications. Each of its members will receive notifications when people respond to them and when there is new activity in their feeds.

Optionally, if you want an online learning component of courses on your website, it will be fully integrated with the industry-leading learning management system and has some amazing features. My favorite has to be the dark mode. It is easier to see and, optionally, you can also have a calendar of activities if you want to have events where people can register, and you can also optionally have a job board where you can publish jobs.
Only for your community. You can also optionally add an e-commerce store component to your online community website. And in case you ask, all this will look amazing on all devices, mobile phones and tablets.

So that's what we're going to cover in this video. I hope you stay and give this video a thumb.

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