How to make a WordPress website in 30 minutes 2019 – Simple and fun


Create the website of your dreams in 30 minutes!

You can create whatever you want with a new tool that makes customizing your site as easy as you want. It is so simple and fun! Let us begin! All you need is 3 simple steps to make your new site live on the web pages.

Step 1- It is to choose the address of your website, also known as your domain name, just like ours is you will also have your own domain name. And hosting so that your website has a place to live and people can find it. Both are super cheap because I'm going to give you a special coupon code!
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Step 2: Create the pages of your website and launch your new website.

And in Step 3: you will meet 2 new tools that are the secret tools to create an amazing website that is not only exclusive to you, but is so easy to use that you will love it. It's something I wish I had when I started doing this!

Let's start!

1) Introduction – 3-step configuration 00:00:00
2) Get Domain Hosting and Hostgator 00:01:40
Use coupon code -WORDPRESSHERO (Save 60%)
3) Install WordPress 00:02:45
4) Log in to WordPress 00:04:10
5) WordPress panel customization 00:04:20
6) Create the pages of your website 00:05:09
7) WordPress settings 00:05:47
8) Install theme 00:06:42
9) Installation of accessories 00:07:30
10) Creating the home page 00:09:23
11) Grab Website FREE Image Downloads 00:13:50
12) Creating on page 00:23:19
13) Creation Contact Us Page 00:25:16
14) Create contact form 00:27:37
15) Create main menu and more settings 00:29:00
16) Edit the menu on the blog page 1:11:50
17) Congratulations to your new website !! 00:30:10