How to make money blogging | Canadian blogger Q&A | What it really is


Today I sit down with some of my blog friends to talk about that great question … How to make money blogging! And specifically what it seemed to us.

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* We had some background noise, so I made sure to update the subtitles for you! click on CC to activate them *

This video is one of FOUR in our Blogger Q&A Collab. We recently met for a girls' weekend in Jasper Alberta and decided that it would be fun to record a little coffee talk and answer some of the questions we are most asked as bloggers. The four videos / questions in the collaboration are:

+ How do you find the decoration style of your home?
+ How do you make money blogging (this one!)
+ How do you manage to work from home (work / life balance)
+ How do you stay authentic online

Find all the videos in the series here:

In this video, we immerse ourselves in how we all make money blogging and how long it took us to get to that point. We chat about the sources of income that make up our income, how we choose to monetize our blogs and our blog trips. We also talk about the biggest struggles for each of us in blogs as a business.

Want more questions and answers about the blogger in depth? We would love to do more! Feel free to request topics in the comments 🙂

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