How to manage (multiple) social media accounts


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0:10 Neil Patel here for another Q&A video on Thursday. I’m here with Adam LaDolce from

This is from Xavier Alcarez, and the question is: “What is the best way to manage six to eight” client social media platforms?

2:00 There are tools like Hootsuite, which I suppose you mentioned in a comment. There is also Buffer. There is also MeetEdgar. I prefer MeetEdgar for a lot of things because it will automatically retweet, it will mention your stuff over time. This is what most social media managers miss. You create content and share it on the social network, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. And that is.

4:30 Consider sharing your content over time. And MeetEdgar will do all of this for you automatically, which is why I love that tool. Another thing you would do is manually share your content on certain social sites. I found that on Facebook if you share content through Buffer and Hootsuite, the reach is much lower for that same content than if you just manually shared it on Facebook and scheduled it. Because on Facebook, and you can schedule your posts.

They already have that built-in feature. They want you to come to Facebook. This is how they generate advertising revenue. They do not generate advertising revenue by using Hootsuite to send a message on Facebook.

5:00 If you want to manage many clients. So you can use the tools, make Facebook manually. You also want to start creating standardized reports. So how does your follower count? Does it grow every month? It is decreasing? How many clicks did you get? Highlight any surprising comments, sharing, anything remarkable that has happened. You must do this for each individual network. Once you create the standardized reports, you can connect and play for each client.

5:30 You need to create your content calendars, scheduling, maybe you can simplify creating your image using tools like Canva. There are many tools to facilitate social media marketing. You can use tools like Social Blade to get statistics, VidIQ is another. There are many Instagram tools, such as Social Upgrade. You can choose the ones you want. But what I found is that the easiest way to manage all clients, and I know this is cheating and it won’t work for many of you, is to have your clients in the same industry.

6:00 In general, with social media marketing, you’re likely to take home as many customers as you can get. But those are just general tips and tricks. He would also have weekly calls with his clients. You can change it every two weeks, but the moment you start making calls, like once a month, or once every two to three months, and there are no regular checks. Even if it’s not calls, like emails, it’s going to be like, “Oh, you’re not doing anything.” Why should I keep paying you? So even if you are working, you still need to communicate and show the work you are doing, not only in the monthly report, but on a regular basis.

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