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Many SMMA owners wonder "how PPC works" too late. PPC reaches customers near the point of sale based on their search history. This makes pay per click one of the most effective forms of digital marketing, even if it is a bit behind the scenes.

Pay per click works by matching your business with the relevant industry keywords and then paying to have your website appear for those keywords. This can take the place of green sponsored results on Google or linked keywords on AdWords integrated websites. Ads may also appear on YouTube in similar "sponsored results" or on YouTube cards.

To do this, pay-per-click managers do a thorough keyword research to find matches for the company. There are 4 types of keyword matches that you should know:
Broad matches appear when someone uses a selected keyword in any type of context.
Modified broad matches are similar to broad matches, but use more filters for key phrases instead of a unique keyword.
Phrase matches use a longer word string that the user has to search in sequence, and your ad will appear every time that exact phrase is used in a search (even if there are things before or after).
Exact matches are the most restrictive, they only appear when someone searches for the exact phrase selected.

Google's algorithm is designed to give people the most relevant search results possible. Determine what is relevant by crawling a web page and indexing the text. Google then divides the text into keywords and analyzes the use and context of those keywords to determine their relevance. This algorithm creates a PPC Quality Level to determine its positioning and cost.

Your PPC Quality Score begins with the copy of the ad, which must be written to include the keyword and attract users (so you can get a better CTR). The landing page also needs a good relevance and speed of the keywords. Make sure your ad links to a page that includes and expands the keyword.

So, does that answer "how does PPC work?" If you're new to the SMMA world, that's all you need to know about how it works and the pay per click algorithm. It's more complicated in practice, but it's worth the practice: PPC can help launch any business in its early days and keep it growing beyond that.

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