How to Raise a Conta no Google Adsense 2019 – Hostinger Brasil


Veja ago how to raise a do not contact Google Adsense and validate your site to enter a website, both for sites like WordPress for sites hosted in Hostinger Brazil.

Conheça Hostinger Brasil:

00:00 – 00:22 Introduction

00:23 – 01:44 How do you think you don't have Google Adsense?

01:45 – 02:34 Validate Adsense no WordPress

02:35 – 03:20 Validate Adsense na Hostinger

03:21 – 03:38 Enclosure

Or Google Adsense is a fermentation that is available for advertisements on your site. ou blog, virtual shop, etc. As visitors to your site see the advertisements according to your preferences, for example: Or Google records the types of inquiries that it places and places it as a user interest.

For each click that is published, you will receive a value in your account, or Adsense will pay as of the moment you accumulate 100 dollars, so you can make a payment, transfer of value.

Browse through the day with Google Adsense você you can win muito dinheiro both using your sites and fazendo videos for or Youtube.